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Exterior Painting House in Lawrence, KS

After patching a hole on one side, and repairing an expansion joint on the adjacent side, we applied a base coat of PPG's Perma-Crete masonry primer in the new color to the stucco to ensure the pH level was acceptable for the topcoat. The original colors appeared to have been infused into the stucco as opposed to being painted on the surface, so we wanted to make sure that the it was ready to accept paint. Stucco also has a rough profile, so it takes extra care and sometimes an extra coat to achieve full development of the new color, so the primer here served both purposes. We used Sherwin Williams Resilience exterior latex satin for the topcoat because the dried paint film has anti-microbial properties, which will help inhibit future mildew growth, which is often a problem on the north side of homes in our area, especially in neighborhoods with lots of mature trees. This house will look great for years to come!

Before Exterior Painting House in Lawrence Gallery

After Exterior Painting House in Lawrence Gallery

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