10 Best Painted Buildings in Washington D.C.

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Famous Architecture fills our nation’s capital left and right. Planning a visit means you’ll see some very famous buildings. Here is Absolute Painting’s list of the 10 Best Painted Buildings in Washington D.C.:


1) White House


The center of the Executive Branch, this enormous testament to liberty has class all around its white exterior. Since 1792, it’s survived a burning by the British, and still takes about 570 gallons to paint!


2) Capitol


The home of the U.S. Congress, the Capitol keeps in line with the classic white paint job aesthetic of D.C. The interior also showcases plenty of wonderfully-painted murals.


3) Library of Congress


With paintings and murals on the interior walls that would rival most world-class galleries, the Library of Congress is a sight to behold and tells myriad stories with its paintings alone.


4) National Cathedral


Following Gothic Revival architecture, this massive cathedral boasts an impressive amount of stone with beautiful accents. Step inside, and be swept away by the stained glass coloring the walls with natural light.


5) Lincoln Memorial


While the building and statue itself may be made of marble, the Guerin murals on either side of the immortalized president prove to be a stark contrast to the white, and show imagery expertly painted.


6) Ford’s Theatre


Like much of the buildings in D.C., the exterior of Ford’s Theatre is mostly brick stone. But, step inside, and a vivid world of color and history spring to life. The site of Lincoln’s assassination has been meticulously maintained and preserved.


7) National Archives


While the mainstays of the Archives remain such famous pieces as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, the paintings that cover the walls of the interior of this building certainly add a reason to enjoy your visit.


8) Smithsonian Castle


A remarkable masterpiece of the National Mall, the Castle showcases some masterful murals, stucco-work, and well-adorned arches. A hefty drive from Lawrence, KS!


9) National Air & Space Museum


Not quite a paint job on a building, this museum houses tons of examples of razor-fine paint jobs. Everything from parachutes to space shuttles, the paint that goes into each plane should hold any enthusiast’s attention.


10) National Museum of Natural History


Another marvel of D.C., the Natural History Museum showcases everything from fossils to ancient artifacts to lifelike recreations of extinct creatures. The painting in the exhibits perfectly highlights the feel of each section of the museum.


Absolute Painting’s favorite paint jobs in D.C. inspire us to continue to do our best work. Not only on our Lawrence, KS, residential and commercial jobs, but we’re continually inspired to do our duty as Americans to treat our work and our fellow countrymen with respect and dignity.



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