10 Things To Know When Hiring A Painting Contractor in Kansas

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Your home will need a paint job every 10 years—sometimes sooner. When that time comes, it is good to hire a painting contractor who has the expertise and experience. It is easy to mess things up in the process if you don’t know how to go about it. However, with this checklist, you can make a good decision that you will be proud of at the end of the work.

  1. Specify the Work

The best thing is a walk-through of the premises. If you are requesting online quotes, take measurements, pictures, and videos where possible. Ensure that the contractor has all the details about the project. Use a template for all contractors.

The trick is to get quotes for the same job. You will compare the quotes knowing that every contractor has a good picture of what is expected. Do not just send the physical details. Prepare the design work if you can. If you have pertinent information regarding paint quality and colors, you can add them. If not, ask your contractor.

  1. Get Several Quotes

Spotting a professional painter is easy. They will insist on taking a look, taking measurements, or even pictures of the place before they head out to prepare a quote. Most likely, they will send you an emailed copy of the quote. They will be detailed, systematic and in writing. It should not be scribbled on a rough paper or a napkin.

They will give you something you can use to compare with other contractors. It is standard procedure to request several quotes. After all, you need to compare quotes to know which one offers the best deal. Most of the time, the quotes will fall in the same region.

Be wary of those that fall outside the normal range. A very low quote can mean a struggling contractor. A very high quote is not desirable unless it comes with luxurious upgrades.

  1. What is the Contractor’s Painting Process?

Inside the quote, the devil is always in the details. Interrogate every item. What paint will the contractor use? How many coats will he apply on the surface? If unsure of something mentioned in the quotes, don’t hesitate to ask. A good quote should refrain from industry jargon. It should be simple to understand. It should be specific, too.

  1. How Will He Protect Your Possessions?

Professional contractors should ensure that your belongings are safe. This is, however, a collaborative effort between you and the contractor. You can agree on the best way to handle pets and your accessories. Coverable items will be safe. Some things will be protected if you put them away. When it comes to furniture and floors, look at the contractor’s plans. The contractor should give you elaborate plans in the quote of how to protect them.

  1. When Will the Work Start and End?

Project timelines are important. They determine how long you will have to deal with the inconvenience. A long duration can mean quality or extensive work. It can also imply that your contractor is not giving you all the resources. Optimal timelines for a normal paint job for a home should take only a few days. Ensure that all project timelines and milestones are in writing. A good painting contractor should have a contingency plan to cover unforeseen circumstances that can prevent the commencement or completion of the project. As usual, it should be in the contract.

  1. Is There A Work Warranty?

Work guarantees indicate that the contractor is sure of his or her services. Work warranties differ from one contractor to the other. Some will offer you a holistic warranty for a specified duration. Others will provide you with different warrants for different items. Look for specifics in each category. If it is the labor, what is the expected workmanship? Insist on seeing the worker’s compensation insurance, too.

  1. Recommendations

Reviews rarely lie. If the last customer was happy, the chances are that you will be happy, too. Insist on speaking with a few customers. They will tell you what to expect if it is your first time. A good contractor will leave you with a portfolio for you to review. Don’t just take their contacts, get in touch with them. If they allow you to look at their premises, take the opportunity.

  1. Professional Presentation

A contractor will bring strangers to your most prized possession. It will be good if they are identifiable from a distance. Uniforms can identify the crew easily. You will know a professional by just looking at how they present themselves, how they address you, and how they go on with their business. A good contractor is courteous, formal, and properly dressed.

  1. Is the Contractor Punctual With Appointments

A contractor who comes late for meetings is a red flag. On the other hand, one who comes with untrained people can put you at risk. A professional invests in a team of people who help him or her to deliver on the paint job. He or she should be punctual. He or she should do what it takes, professionally, to get the job from you. If you call and nobody picks up the phone, that should worry you. If you don’t get a callback, you should run.

  1. Paint Quality

Your home cannot afford shoddy workmanship. A poor paint job is simply unacceptable. If you are paying for this service, you should get the best out of it. From preparation to execution, the job has to be perfect.

It does not matter whether it is exterior painting or interior painting; the work should stand out. If you are looking for a painting contractor in Lenexa KS, contact Absolute Painting. They make it their business to deliver a great paint job.


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