Proven Techniques to Sand Cabinet Doors for Painting Like a Pro

Kitchen cabinet painters in Topeka, KS how to sand cabinet doors for painting

Every homeowner should know how to sand cabinet doors for painting. Properly sanding your cabinets can transform a tired kitchen into a vibrant space. As an expert cabinet painter, I’ve seen the difference that meticulous sanding can make. When done correctly, it ensures a smooth surface that allows the paint to adhere beautifully, resulting in a […]

5 Best Sandpaper to Use for Cabinet Refinishing: Ultimate Guide

A white painted kitchen with dusty blue cabinets and a countertop- painting company in Lawrence, KS sandpaper to use for cabinet

Choosing the right sandpaper to use for cabinet refinishing is the cornerstone of a successful project. I’ve seen firsthand the difference the correct sandpaper can make. It affects not only the quality of the finish but also the overall durability and appearance of your cabinets. Let’s dive into the essentials of picking the best sandpaper […]