Color Trends for Kansas 2022

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Home painting can update the look of your home and, especially if you’re looking to sell it, boost its value. Besides that, your choice of home interior paint colors can make it more reflective of your taste, improving your mood and hopefully that of your guests.

Let’s say you’re looking for a more contemporary look for your home in Lawrence KS. A professional can show you all the shades that will be trending this year and then make your selection(s) the foundation for a quality house painting project. Here are some of those home interior paint colors to keep an eye on.

Gray Green

You see, green was a hot color in 2021, and now homeowners are getting an itch for earthier tones of green. PPG Industries formulated a neutral green called Olive Sprig and promptly named it 2022’s color of the year. Behr announced that its color of the year for 2022 is a cool, silvery green shade called Breezeway. Sherwin Williams also chose one of its green shades for color of the year. Called Evergreen Fog, it’s a relaxing mixture of green and gray.

What homeowners are seeking with these earthy home interior paint colors is that mysterious feeling of entering a foggy forest: a feeling mingled, perhaps, with a need to escape into imaginary realms when reality becomes too intense.

It makes sense. The isolation that many felt in 2021 led them to find solace in the outdoors and, when that wasn’t possible, to bring the outdoors indoors. That’s one reason why we think green is trending so much. Consider the shade Laurel Leaf from the Better Homes & Gardens collection: Walmart’s pick for color of the year. The dusty green hue captures the feel of eucalyptus and makes one feel at ease, not cramped indoors.

There’s no doubt that gray green is comforting, rooted, and organic. A home painting expert would likely recommend this shade for your kitchen and dining room.

Pale Peach

On the other hand, without sacrificing the need for nature-inspired tones, some homeowners want to get brighter and more optimistic, and this is where pale peach comes in. Valspar included its Subtle Peach among its list of 12 trending colors for 2022: a pastel shade that can give any home a comfortable, lived-in feeling without seeming quaint. Backdrop, another brand that we trust for quality house painting colors, has included peach colors in its curated collection.


Back to the cooler home interior paint colors, we see that the blue-greens are getting ever more popular. Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments is a perfect example of this shade. Krylon also chose a blue-green shade, Satin Rolling Surf, as its color of the year for 2022. Inspired by ocean waves, it resembles teal and combines comfort and boldness.

As you can see, homeowners in 2022 are striving to negotiate between their optimism, awakening after a hectic and uncertain 2021, and their desire for what’s secure and familiar. We feel this vibrant color would work well in any bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

Graphite Gray

You might remember the trend toward gray paints prior to the pandemic, and now, even amid the popularity of more optimistic, more obviously soothing home interior paint colors, some opt for gray in their home painting projects. We’re not talking about a complete return to minimalism and neutrality, though.

For example, many people are looking to graphite gray for a sense of contrast, so they limit its use to their furniture, the cabinets, and the ceiling. Many make use of gray together with white to create a predominantly white color in the kitchen. Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan (its color of the year for 2019) is still turning heads in this regard.


We said gray mixed with green is trending, but how about gray mixed with that other earth color, brown? It’s likely that this will catch on as well. After all, what better way to evoke a forest than dark brown tones that resemble the hue of tree bark? And let’s not forget the breeziness that comes with the lighter tones that make you think you’re walking on the beach, far away from Lawrence KS. Again, a professional could help you decide whether this and other home interior paint colors would work for you.

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