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The exterior house staining involves intensive restoration of deck horizontal surfaces, handrails, sanding the deck boards, etc. The first thing that is needed is the preparation. Planning and preparing thoroughly for the whole process of deck staining is beneficial at the end regarding a good finished product. For staining, it is imperative to select a wood stain of the desired color. Once the desired wood stain is chosen, the deck is cleaned thoroughly by using one of the several deck cleaners that are available in the market under various names. It can also be cleaned by using a pressure washer that forcefully ejects the water to clean the deck surface and should be allowed to dry completely. As the deck dries, fill a small bucket with the stain. Once the deck has dried fully, the brush or the long-handled roller is immersed in the bucket filled with the stain. The stain that is just enough only for a few strokes is absorbed by the brush or the long-handled roller. Do not go for excessive absorption as it can lead to the over-coating of some areas.

Staining is applied evenly over the surface using the brush or the long-handled roller immersed in the stain. Once that is done, a rag is used to wipe or drain out the excess stain so that the deck is evenly stained. The stain is then allowed to set overnight. One should follow these simple steps to stain their deck and protect it from the ultraviolet rays, water damage and to restore the natural oils. It is always better to seek professional help for that flawless finish.

Under the exterior house and deck staining, comes the staining of windows, rock work, light fixtures etc. after the staining. For staining them, firstly, the wood is cleaned with a chemical that comes specifically for a wood wash. The cleaning of the wood helps it to get rid of all the water stains, failed wood stains, surface dirt and other particles. For lightening and to even the tone of the wood, chemicals that are available in the market are applied. Finally, the wood is rinsed with high pressure to remove any residual dirt or stains.

One of the major disadvantages of staining is that it fades much faster than the normal paints so frequent coating is required. But, the longevity of the finish can be considerably increased by applying two or more coats or application at one go. If you are in [your location], or surrounding areas, feel free to ask us for a quote.


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