Exterior Paint Colors That Are on Trend in Kansas for 2021

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Choosing the right color to paint your home’s exterior is no mean feat. You are most likely so used to repainting your home’s exterior with the common neutral colors that you have no idea what should go on the exterior. Absolute Painting is the painting contractor to call in Lawrence, KS if you need exterior painting.

Your home’s exterior should get as much attention as your interior when it comes to repainting. It is the first aspect of your home anyone sees from the curb and you want it to be as beautiful as the rest of your home. We have established that you need to repaint your home but how do you choose the right color? Here are some tips guaranteed to help you narrow your options down to the perfect color.

How to Choose the Right Color for Exterior Painting

1) Pick a Shade

You need to choose a shade for your house before you proceed to any other steps. A shade is basically a mixture of original colors achieved by adding black. As such, shade determines the appearance of color: light, moderate, or dark. This does not mean that you have to pick a color right away. Far from it. Just decide if you want a light color, a moderate tone, or a dark, concentrated look.

Picking a shade is a piece of cake for some people because they have their go-to preferences at their fingertips, but you may find yourself in need of a little inspiration. This is exactly why Pinterest exists. You can search for the style of your home and check out what other people are using for their exterior.

2) Consider the Color of Your Roof

Do not settle on a color before considering your roof color. Dark roofs that are painted black or nude gray usually go with a wide range of colors and you need not worry about them seeming conspicuously loud. However, roofs with blue, green, tan, and red with gray shades in the tiles do not go with several colors. As such, you will need to consider your options keenly.

Neutral colors can help give your exterior a revamp without risking color clashing with your roof. You can even select a neutral color with a hint of your roof tile color so that they complement each other.

3) Consider Light

Exterior colors, unlike those of your interior, are continually exposed to light which has the potential to distort their appearance. A light tone of blue, for example, will appear more on the white side when against light or on bright days. As such, you might want to consider going with a warmer shade that will maintain its hue in the light.

4) Look for Inspiration

Don’t just choose colors off the top of your head. Check for inspiration online to see what the color you want looks like on a home’s exterior. This will help you visualize the color of your home and decide if you want your exterior paint done with it or not.

5) Sample as Much as Possible

You will need to test several shades before you settle on the right one. You can ask your painting contractor to test them on a poster board or your home wall just to be on the safe side.

6) Choose Trim and Accent Colors

It is advisable to choose a shade or two of the same color instead of different colors for each architectural design in your home. The rule of thumb is that less is more. If you find yourself instructing your contractor on more than three colors, you are probably doing too much.

Now that you know what steps to take to find the right color for your home, let us look at some of the trending exterior paint colors for 2021. You can give your home a complete makeover by getting Absolute Paint to take care of your exterior paint needs.

Exterior Paint Colors That Are On-Trend for 2021

Nothing reflects your personality more than the style and appearance of your home. You do not need to break the bank to give your home a brand-new look. Simply pick out one of the following amazing colors and let Absolute Painting work its magic for your residential painting. You don’t have to repaint your entire exterior if you are not up for it. Repainting your front door will do the trick as well.

1) Warm, Creamy Whites

White has become such a cliché that the trend has completely shifted to off-white colors. These are shades of white that have a tinge of yellow or gray. Going for a bold, creamy white will make your home stand out.

We highly recommend Seapearl and Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. They are both very vivid but Swiss Coffee appears brighter than Seapearl. Pair any of these warm whites with woody accents and you will have a breathtakingly trendy combination.

2) Pale Gray

Gray is a worthy alternative to beige and has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Cool shades of sheer gray were seen to decline in 2020 but you can look out for warmer versions of gray with traces of green this new year.

Dovetail by Sherwin Williams is a warm gray that has the potential to appear lighter in cloudy weather. Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams is an excellent choice as well. It creates a peaceful theme that is perfect for your home.

3) Dark Gray

Lots of homeowners are opting for darker gray hues that look almost black for exterior paint lately. To be fair, dark, and charcoal gray tones are a favorite for many. This classic color does not seem to be going out of style any time soon.

Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore is a magnificent dark gray to have on your home’s exterior. You can also go for Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams, a dark gray with a blue shade.

4) Beige

Do not let our earlier statement fool you, an elegant coat of beige is still as unbeatable as ever. Our 2021 beige recommendation is a bold tone that holds its hue instead of turning yellow. Our top picks for this quality of beige are Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore and Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. They are subtle and may appear cream-white depending on the lighting. The color is such a hit that it has become a popular social media filter!

5) Bronze

Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams, despite its “unruly” nature, is steadily rising among the trendiest exterior colors this year. It was even recognized as Sherwin William’s color of the year last year, and with good reason. Aged Bronze by Benjamin Moore is also a worthy choice. These bronze colors shine best when paired with real bronze accents and outdoor fixtures.

6) Pewter

Pewter is not a color many people are familiar with, but we are positive that it will become more popular in 2021. We cannot place the exact reason why it has seen such a spike in popularity, but it does have some magnificent aspects.

Reverse Pewter by Benjamin Moore and Pewter Cast from Sherwin Williams is spectacular when paired with woody accents, another trend that can almost be termed as a classic.

7) Slate Blue

Slate blue is a unique combination of blue and gray to create one of the most serene neutral shades you have ever seen. The color is perfect for homeowners looking for neutral colors that will portray their sense of style and personality. Swat blue comes in different tones, so we recommend sampling each before taking your pick. It is also prone to changes in appearance in cloudy weather and against the light.

8) Navy Blue

Navy blue is another one of those colors that aren’t exactly cut and dry. They are tens of different shades with some even seemingly crossing over to the royal blue category. Your home’s exterior is guaranteed to look stunning yet welcoming with the neutral Admiral Blue by Sherwin Williams or Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. It will go perfectly with your mid-century modern home or a bungalow on the coast.

9) Earthy Green

You might need the services of an exterior virtual designer to show you a representation of how your home would appear with earthy green. The color is slowly growing in popularity, but most homeowners shy away from it.

Earthy green is a beautiful accent color but you can pull it off as the main exterior color for your home as well. We recommend the Saybrook Sage from Benjamin Moore and Green Earth by Sherwin Williams if you choose to try it out.

10) Wood

There is no better way to get in with the trend than to add elements of wood to your home’s exterior. The trend appears to be angling towards natural themes and earthy tones and although exterior paint is great, you can mix it up with some wood here and there for a magnificent result.

(Bonus) Colorful Door

You can show a bit of personality by going bold when painting your front door. Green and pink seem to be more popular picks for homeowners as opposed to red and yellow. We recommend making a statement with the Greyhound green from Benjamin Moore as in the picture above.

Let Us Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Picking a color for your home is essential but the painting contractor you hire for the job makes all the difference. At Absolute Paint, we guarantee second-to-none exterior painting services that will leave your home looking brand-new. Please consult with our experts on what color best suits your home.

What’s more? We have a 3-year warranty so you can rest assured that the job is completed splendidly. Do you need residential painting in Lawrence KS? Visit our website to request a quote or give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


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