Get Motivated with a Home Gym Renovation

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When you want to stay fit without going to a public gym, you can create a wonderful workout space in your Lawrence KS home. Whether you already have a space for your exercise or want to develop a good area, it is essential that it makes you motivated. The color of the room matters. Absolute Painting can recommend the best paint colors and can help you apply the paint so that you are encouraged to keep up with your daily exercise routine.

Neon Colors

Although you may be hesitant to paint a room in your home with neon colors, an interior painting contractor explains that using these shades will energize you. To be sure, these types of colors are exciting and stimulating. There is a reason for the popularity behind the neon trends of the 1980s. If you are too shy to go bold with a full neon wall, you can use neon colors as accents around your home gym.

Natural Tones

When it comes to home painting, you can never go wrong with using natural tones. The shades are quite calming, which makes them perfect for a yoga enthusiast. For example, greens and blues are very soothing and have a relaxing effect on your mind. As you stretch and release negative energy, you can take advantage of the peaceful and tranquil colors of the room.

Metallic Shades

Since exercise is more than physical activity, you want a room design that puts your mind in the right condition. When you are serious about pushing the limits, you should consider decorating with a metallic color scheme. For example, brushed aluminum screams strength and vigor. Since it is a neutral, you can pair it with white trim so that it does not appear too industrial.

Bold Red

Nothing says power like the color of red. This hue is domineering and keeps you focused on your exercise. Red is often associated with resilience and strength as well. Also, it is linked to the flames of fire, which brings excitement and energy to your space. Many times, red is found in certain pieces of exercise equipment. It is easy to blend with black, which means that it can be used to bring a masculine vibe to the area.

Chalkboard Wall Paint

Although chalkboard paint is often linked to a kid’s playroom, it is a smart choice for a home gym as well. It provides a minimalistic appearance, but it is quite functional. With this paint choice, you can jot down your stats or some motivational phrases in plain sight. These give you a reason to push ahead. These items can be updated and erased each day so that you can start fresh with every workout.

Keep Things Organized

The last thing that you want is to have a workout space that is cluttered. After your room is painted, you may wish to invest in a few cabinets that can hold your towels and mats. Also, it is a good idea to have a place to store your hand weights and other small items. You may wish to include a mini refrigerator inside the gym as well. This will allow you to have a few cool water bottles available so that you can stay hydrated. When things are organized, you are more focused and ready to get sweaty.

Finishing Touches

There are a few finishing touches that will make your home gym perfect. For example, you may wish to install some overhead lighting so that you can keep high energy flowing into the space. Another must is a full-length mirror. This item makes it possible to watch your progress, to view your form during a workout, and to enhance your overall fitness routine. Luckily, the mirror will reflect light, which will brighten the space and give a professional appearance.

Reasons to Work with a Professional Painting Contractor

When you are remodeling a part of your home, the upgrade usually begins with new paint. For perfect results, it is wise to work with a professional painting company. At Absolute Painting, we are ready to enhance the beauty of your home in Lawrence KS. All of our workers are licensed and ensured, which delivers peace of mind to homeowners. We use the latest home painting techniques and have the best equipment to get your job finished quickly and efficiently. We work around your schedule and always deliver flawless results. We will help you select the perfect color for your room as well. With our assistance, you never have to worry about preparation or cleanup. Also, safety is our priority. To receive an interior painting estimate, contact us at 785-330-9619.


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