Hot Color Trends for Kansas in 2020

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Just like with any creative genre, interior design and house paint colors follow seasonal or period trends. Of course most people can’t fully redecorate their entire home to match every trend. However, with a fresh coat of paint, you can keep your home up-to-date and looking great. Paint is perhaps the most budget friendly way to upgrade and update your home. Even though the cost is minimal, it can produce a big visual impact. While doing it yourself is an option, hiring a professional painting contractor can take the stress out of painting your house. Your contractor can also help you choose the best colors for your home.

Here are our picks for the hottest trends in paint for 2020 and how to effectively use them.

Colorful Hues

While earthy tones have dominated home decor for years and won’t be going out of style in the near future, many people are now using bold, bright colors as accents in their homes. These brighter tones can quickly add a pop of color and interest to an otherwise neutral room. You might even choose to paint an entire room in one of these fun colors for a greater effect.

Burnt orange is a popular paint color trend in 2020 and will likely be trending for several seasons beyond. It is a deep and lavish color that gives an exotic vibe. It’s the perfect hue for sun rooms and outdoor spaces. This color will transport you to a tropical paradise when paired with ocean blue and tropical plants. Or dream of destinations in the Middle East when you pair this orange with subdued reds and patterned area rugs.

Deep cherry red is definitely eye-catching no matter where you use it in your home. Psychologists and color theorists believe that red induces hunger, so it is the perfect colored paint for dining rooms and kitchens. When used on a front door, cherry red can provide a pop of excitement for the exterior of the shade seen naturally in apples or red peppers.

Mustard yellow is also a good and modern color choice for your house. Yellow is often thought to be a happy and energetic color. It is also versatile and can be used as a vibrant exterior color and can also used as a powerful accent inside the home.

Soft Earth Tones

Soft earth tones are soothing, relaxing and have been a staple in exterior and interior paint for years. Part of the reason for its popularity is the consumer trend toward preserving the environment and all things natural and organic. An easy way to bring some warmth into your home is to paint an existing white wall with a warm earth tone. These neutral and natural colors are a safe choice, not only because they have widespread appeal, but because they can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of other colors. And best of all, though these tones are trending for this year, they are also classic paint colors so they won’t look outdated after a few years.

Charcoal grey is also a good neutral color. This grey tone, which is often seen naturally in rocks, is widely used in bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other indoor living spaces. Lighter shades of grey are also popular.

Rich hues of brown are always on-trend. Browns can be used to bring warmth to any room of your house. Cider is a spicy brown hue with just a touch of orange. This color is seen in abundance during the fall of the year but can be enjoyed all year long in your home.


Many of the most popular paint colors for 2020 borrow from the beauty of nature. In our technologically advanced modern-age, people are often living their lives starring at screens and being stuck indoors. The paint trends for 2020 bring a sense of the outdoors and nature into interior living spaces.

One popular shade is peppermint green. It is the perfect shade to use if in small spaces. It’s a light color, which tends to make even smaller spaces look larger. It is perfect to use in bathrooms, which tend to be less spacious than other rooms. This color pairs well with cream, white and various shades of grey. It is a delicate color that can be used to create a feminine look or can be paired with darker colors for a more masculine feel.

Meadow green is also trending in 2020. This shade creates a calming atmosphere, reminiscent of a peaceful meadow, making it perfectly suitable for bedrooms. Rich meadow green colored walls is the perfect backdrop for brown wood furniture and accents.

Sage green is a great mix of green and grey. This color blends well with light blue hues or creamy whites. Sage green is a subdued color that works well in spaces where you would normally relax, like a bedroom. If you are looking for a slightly lighter shade of sage, consider using pistachio. Like, sage, it is a nice blend of grey and green, but is lighter and can be used to bring light to smaller spaces.

Classic Blues

While most people think of green and brown as the dominant colors of the outdoors, blue should also be considered in nature inspired decorating. This year’s most popular shades of blue are borrowed from the water and the sky.

Blue-grey is on the list of most popular colors of 2020. This shade of blue is a mix of both blue and grey, as the name suggests. Think of it as the color of the sky during a daytime rain or thunderstorm. This color is soothing for most people which makes it a great choice to use in bedrooms and bathrooms. It is often used in ultra-modern homes but can be adapted to use with any style.

Pale blue is a delicate and bright hue. It is the perfect shade if you want to brighten any small space. The light tone of the color will also help to make your smaller room look larger. This color looks amazing when paired with metallic silver appointments, especially if you choose a pale blue that has a tint of grey.

Navy blue is also trending this year. It is a strong color that commands attention and may even bring a sense of formality to a room. Because dark colors tend to make things look smaller, it’s best not to use navy blue or any another dark color in a small space, but reserve it for a larger room with a tall ceiling.

How to Implement 2020 Paint Trends

Implementing these trends into your home environment doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. Hiring a residential painter can reduce the stress that is often associated with large painting projects. If painting your entire house or even an accent wall feels overwhelming, you can still enjoy the benefits that they offer by incorporating some of these trendy new colors into smaller projects.

One way to “test drive” a new color is to paint a single accent wall. This will give you a chance to see if you would like to use the color in a whole room or your whole house. You can also choose a small room to test out a trendy colored paint. Painting your fireplace mantle is also an easy way to update your look without painting your whole house. If you are renting and can’t paint your walls, try out a trendy color on a table or other piece of furniture.

On the exterior of your home, paint your front or garage door in a fun new color. You could also paint the trim around your windows and doors in a trendy shade. Because these are smaller projects, you will be able to update them with minimal cost and effort. Whether you’re painting for your own personal benefit or are preparing your home to sell, fresh paint is an inexpensive way to create a whole new look and feel. And remember, if you want to hire a home painter or have some interior painting projects you want to complete, call the experts at Absolute Painting. We will be happy to assist you in the entire process of updating the interior and exterior appearance of your home.


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