How a Professional Lawrence Painter Prepares a Room

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Painting even a small room in your Lawrence KS home can be a messy, exhausting project, and the results may not turn out as you beautiful as you hoped. On the other hand, hiring a painting contractor to transform one or more rooms of your home with fresh paint is a hassle-free way to get the results that you are dreaming about. You can rely on our residential painting team at Absolute Painting to deliver an end-result that you can be proud of, but what can you expect from the actual process? We will work closely with you to assist with your selection of the paint’s color and finish as a first step. Then, rather than jumping straight into applying the paint, we take the next important step of preparing the room.

Preparing the room is an essential part of any interior painting project for a variety of reasons. For example, some of our prep efforts will protect your home, furnishings and other belongings from unnecessary damage. Others will ensure that the paint can be applied flawlessly. When you contact us for help with your interior painting project, you can expect us to thoroughly prepare your space by taking these important steps.

1. Safeguard Your Belongings

Paint splatters and drips can and will happen even when professional painting contractors are doing the work. Because of this, our team will remove all furniture from the room when possible. If the room is very large, we may cluster the furniture in the center of the room so that our team has free access to paint the walls. Any items that remain in the room will be covered with a plastic sheet to protect them from accidental damage. Rest assured that we will not take chances with the condition of your home or your belongings.

2. Protect the Flooring and Fixtures

Electrical plates and even some light fixtures may be removed from the space as well. Remaining features may be protected by plastic and tap. In addition, plastic or canvas sheets will be sprawled across the entire surface of the floor. Any incidental drips or spills will land on these coverings.

3. Prepare the Surfaces

A fresh coat of paint can reinvigorate the space with a whitewash effect, but some flaws on the walls may be magnified by the application of paint. Our goal is to create flawless surfaces that live up to your expectations. To accomplish this goal, we will carefully inspect the walls for any cracks or holes. All blemishes will be repaired so that they are not eyesores after the paint has dried.

4. Clean the Work Area

Even in the cleanest homes, dust, pet hair and other particles can stick to walls. Many of these small particles are difficult to see on a dingy wall, but they will stand out on a wall that has recently been painted. In fact, these particles can dry in the paint and will become a permanent fixture in the room. Even if the walls appear to be clean, our processional painters will thoroughly clean all surfaces after the furniture has been moved out and the drop clothe are in place.

5. Tape the Trim

Crisp, straight lines along the baseboards and other trim pieces are a hallmark of a good paint job. Our interior painting experts will carefully tape all of these features so that paint drips are not an issue. Rest assured that we know how to deliver the crisp, fresh lines that you expect from a professional paint job.

6. Apply Primer

In many homes, a preliminary application of primer is essential for a beautiful outcome. We will inspect the walls to determine the need for primer before applying the paint. Primer is often required if the walls currently have a high-gloss paint, a pattern or a dark paint color. Concerns about seeing the original paint color under the fresh paint are eliminated when primer is applied properly. In addition, many walls only require a single coat of paint if the paint is applied on a clean, primed surface.

Once your painting contractor has completed each of these critical steps, your room is ready to be painted. The actual paint process usually begins by painting the edges of the wall. Then, the remaining surface area is filled in. The paint will be given ample time to dry before the tape and protective coverings are removed. With more than a decade of experience satisfying our customers throughout the local area, we are the licensed and insured painting company that you can rely on for help with your next residential painting project.

Searching for Painters Near Me? Absolute Painting in Lawrence KS, we know how important it is for our clients to love the end result of our efforts. It takes the right combination of skills, equipment and supplies to produce a flawless surface that lives up to your high standards, and we can assure you that we will not let you down. Through an initial consultation, we can assist with color selection and set up time for our team to work in your home. Rest assured that we cover all of the bases so that you enjoy a hassle-free experience and see the transformation that you desire in your home. If you are ready to book your upcoming home painting project with us, now is the time to schedule a consultation.


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