How Hot Weather Impacts Kansas Exterior Painting

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When it comes time to paint the exterior of your Lawrence KS home, it is wise to consider the outside temperatures. When the heat is on the rise, the results of your exterior home painting services will be affected. Hiring a team of professional painters ensures that your home will look its best. At Absolute Painting, our team knows how to work in all weather conditions. We understand that the heat can have an impact, but we always achieve a beautiful finish.

The Importance of Paint Curing

Precipitation and wind have an affect on exterior paint. However, temperature plays a key role as well. Obviously, high temperatures make paint dry faster. Unfortunately, even though paint is dry to the touch, it is not necessarily cured throughout all the layers. When paint dries, evaporation makes the solvents disappear. This gives a dry appearance. This often occurs within hours of application.

It takes exterior paint a few weeks to become totally cured. This means that it reaches the hardest finish. After this period of time, it is less likely that the paint will be ruined by water or other outside elements. Fortunately, high temperatures may lead to bumps, cracks, and discoloration of your house paint. This happens as the paint dries too fast. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the temperatures before beginning the job. Professionals will perform exterior painting services when the weather is conducive for proper drying and curing.

Perfect Temperature for Exterior Painting

When it comes to exterior painting, timing is everything. Different paints work better in various temperature windows. For example, oil-based paint works best between 40 degrees and 90 degrees. Latex paint should be applied in temperatures that range from 50 degrees to 85 degrees.

When completing exterior home painting services, it is best to work when the weather is between 60 degrees and 85 degrees. Low winds are recommended as well. Luckily, the typical climate in Lawrence fits these temperatures, especially in the spring or early summer months. A team of professional painters will know where to start so that the sun and heat do not ruin the results.

Does Humidity Matter?

Kansas is known for its humidity. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on your exterior painting tasks. Since it raises the air’s water vapor levels, paint may become runnier and take longer to dry. Also, if your home is crafted from wood, the extra moisture may lead to bubbles or peeling. A trained professional knows how to properly prepare the area so that issues are kept to a minimum.

Remember the Painter

To repeat, warm weather has an impact on exterior painting results. However, it also affects the person who performs the painting. If you try to perform your own DIY house painting, you may not be prepared to deal with the elements. It gets hot under the sun. A professional will be prepared to follow safety guidelines. For example, he or she will wear proper painting attire, including a long-sleeved tee, bandana, painter’s hat, and safety glasses. Also, a professional will wear proper footwear like steel-toed boots so that he or she does not become injured. In many instances, an expert professional will arrive with protective equipment that provides shade to him or her along with painted surfaces. In the end, it is a smart idea to leave exterior painting to a qualified company.

Can Painters Near Me Help to Avoid Problems?

If you decide to paint the exterior of your home, you must keep track of the weather. As explained, the outside temperatures and humidity affect dry time and finished results. To avoid issues, it is best to work with a trusted team of experienced professionals. At Absolute Painting, our technicians are fully licensed and insured. They will get your job completed quickly and within your budget. When you work with professionals, you gain peace of mind that your home is in good hands. Experts consider the weather conditions so that the job is done right. At Absolute Painting, we will take care of your Lawrence KS home. To get started and to receive a free estimate before the warm and humid summer hits, complete our online form. No matter the time of year, we always deliver results that make you love your home. We will work around your schedule and will help you select the perfect color that transforms your house into your dream home.


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