How Often Does Kansas Cedar Siding Need To Be Painted?

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How Often Does Cedar Siding Need To Be Painted?

Cedar siding may need to be painted every 5-8 years, but it depends on several factors. Homeowners must remember that this type of siding was designed to withstand the weather year-round and not require as much maintenance. Cedar is a dense wood that resists rot and rarely needs repair or replacement. Cedar also has natural oils in the wood, so it does not require any stain or sealant for protection.

But paint is needed if you want your home’s exterior to continue looking good and not get weathered like other types of wood can do when left unpainted for too long. Cedar siding is manufactured to be used on exterior wood surfaces and may need to be repainted occasionally. These were the reasons why most people would prefer to paint their cedar siding the correct way.

Paint and Primer Selection

There was no need to paint cedar siding regularly as it was designed to stand up against the elements, but other types of exterior wood surfaces may need to be repainted more often. If you choose to paint your home’s cedar siding, you must use the right kind of primer and paint. A good quality exterior painting oil-based primer will help seal the wood surface and provide the proper base for the final coat.

You can apply heavy-duty latex paints to cedar siding if necessary, but they may not last as long because they are not designed for this application. Water-based acrylic paints are more popular now for the exterior of most homes, and it might be a good idea to use this type of paint for your cedar siding.

Proper Application

Whether you use the best exterior oil-based primer and paint or the more popular water-based acrylic paint, you must ensure that you cover all of your home’s exterior wood surfaces. It is also a good idea to add a pressure washing service to your home’s maintenance schedule once a year. It will help remove dirt, algae, mold, and mildew that can also cause damage over time.

If you choose to paint cedar siding on your own, you must follow the manufacturers’ instructions exactly when applying the primer, paint, and topcoat. You must also ensure the paint is applied evenly and not over-brush any painted surfaces. Cedar siding is designed to retain its natural beauty for many years and repainting too often may cause damage that you cannot repair. But if you decide to paint your cedar siding whether it needs it, make sure you use the suitable materials and procedures to get the best results.

Climate Concerns

If you live in an area with severe winters and hot, sunny summers, it may be a good idea to paint your cedar siding once a year in colder months. If you live in a climate where the wood is exposed to more moisture, it may need to be repainted more often if it is left unpainted for too long. Cedar siding may have small cracks or holes appearing because of rot if it has not been appropriately treated.

It would be best if you also brushed over any areas that may have dirt or dirt marks from construction materials. Leftover dirt and debris can discolor your freshly painted home, so ensure you thoroughly clean the exterior.

It would help if you also looked for cracks or holes in your cedar siding when repainting it. Sometimes filling these areas with caulk or wood filler is enough to make the siding look good again. Otherwise, you will have to replace a section of wood damaged beyond repair and affected by rot or termite damage.

Exterior Painters You Can Trust in Kansas for cedar siding painting is a preferred choice for many homeowners because it has natural oils that resist rot and can help other wood surfaces last longer. But the exterior painting of your home is still exposed to the elements, so you must repaint it occasionally. It can help extend the life of your exterior wood surfaces and provide you with several more years of paintable surfaces. For more information on siding, give Absolute Painting a call at 785-330-9619.


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