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How to prepare Your Home for a Professional Painting Job

You’ve decided to have the interior of your home painted. Great decision! Having a freshly painted home not only looks good, but it feels good too. Now that you’ve made the decision to utilize professional interior house painting services, you may be wondering what, if any, work needs to be completed on your end before hiring an interior house painting contractor.

To help you make your interior house painting project go smooth, we have compiled a list of eight ways to prepare for a professional interior paint job that will help make an easier job for your interior house painter and will ensure a happy, satisfied outcome for you and your family.

Wall Decor and Art

Before your interior house painting contractor arrives, be sure to remove all decor and art from your walls and place them in a safe place that is outside the work area. In most cases, your interior house painter will not take the time to remove items from your walls before the painting work begins. Plan on this being a homeowner responsibility before hiring a professional house painter.

Knick-knacks and Ornaments

To remove the risk of having broken items such as knick-knacks, collectibles and decorative ornaments, be sure to move them out of the way. Simply covering them with cloth or paper will not ensure that your items will not be damaged. Pack them up in a box and store them in a safe place until the painting job is completed.

Furniture and Other Obstacles

To make the painting job easier and faster for your interior house painting services company be sure to move all furniture and obstacles away from the walls. If possible, store away as many items that you can so that the house painter does not have to waste time moving and/or working around your furniture.


Curtains and throw rugs are expensive items. Be sure to remove them from your windows and floors to make sure they don’t accidentally get destroyed by paint splashes. Having to replace them because they were still hanging on the wall or covering the floor area will be costly unless they are taken care of prior to the paint job.

Prepare the Walls

Depending on your contractor, you may be responsible for cleaning your walls and preparing them to be painted. Some interior contractors in the Lawrence KS and Lenexa KS area may include wall preparation as an added service so you will want to speak to your contractor about what is required on your end. This is also true for any problem areas such as wood rot, rust or infestations. These issues will need to be addressed before the painting begins.

Removing outlet covers and switch plates will also help your painter do a quick job so that you can get your house back to normal. You might also consider removing any nails or screws on your walls prior to the arrival of the interior house painter. The more you can do to help, the faster and more efficient your house painting job will be completed.

When washing down walls, you will want to make sure this is done at least one day prior to the professional painters arrivals as to ensure the walls are completely dry.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Before hiring a professional interior house painter it is always a good idea to do a full cleaning job for each room you plan on having painted. This will help ensure that dust particles and dirt that is in the room doesn’t end up on your freshly painted walls before it has a chance to dry. It also makes it easier for you when the paint job is done, and you can simply return all the items to the room without having to spend time cleaning first.

You will also want to run the vacuum over carpets so that dust doesn’t fly up to your newly-painted walls. A good clean job will allow your painter to give you a great paint job with no worries about without dust particles and dirt accumulating on your newly painted walls.

Leave it to the Professionals

It is a good idea to plan on vacating the work areas before the painting begins. Keeping pets, children and people away from the work area will ensure a speedy, professional paint job that will get you back into your home as quickly as possible. Having the painter work around others that will be in the way will only make for a long painting job. You will surely want the job to go smooth and fast so that you can get your house back in order and enjoy your freshly-painted walls. If possible, arrange for the painters to come when nobody will be home. If you have pets, you will want to find a place to move them to while the painters are working.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Professional interior house painting services are all different. What is required for one contractor may not necessarily be required for another. Don’t be afraid to ask what exactly you need to do in advance to ensure a speedy, easy house painting job.

Simple preparation and understanding of your responsibility will ensure a speedy, professional paint job. If your contractor hasn’t covered all the areas listed above, ask them. Having everyone on the same page will make it easier for both you and the professional painter that you have chosen.

Now that you know what to do to assist your professional house painter, it will allow you to have a freshly-painted house interior in a quick, effective and professional manner. Be prepared, prepare your family, and prepare your home for a quick, effective interior house painting. You deserve it!

Absolute Painting is a family-focused and genuine interior house painting contractor serving the Lawrence and Lenexa KS area. We care about your home and we care about you. If you’re asking where can I find great inside house painters near me, you need to look no further. Absolute Painting will ensure your house painting needs are met with a friendly and professional attitude. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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Starr Patterson
Starr Patterson
17:18 24 Apr 18
This company is so great!! Not only did they do good work but their customer service was amazing! Brian would text me every morning with an update on their progress and they would always answer my questions promptly. Thank you!read more
Jessica Lester
Jessica Lester
20:13 30 May 18
Absolute Painting, LLC stained all 6 balconies at the complex I manage in Lawrence, Rohan Ridge Apartments. The crew was very respectful and worked diligently. The Crew Leader Brian made contact with me almost daily with updates or delays. Myself as well as my tenants are very pleased with the work and the courtesy this crew displayed while on siteread more
Joshua Gardner
Joshua Gardner
13:49 18 Apr 18
The crews ran 2 projects at the same time, did a great job with both. Crews were courteous and communicated well throughout the project. Would absolutely recommend to more
Kenneth McMullin
Kenneth McMullin
17:39 14 Mar 18
Great team of hardworking guys. Did exactly what was asked. Solid communication throughout. Quality work on entire project. No regrets!read more
Norm Cluff
Norm Cluff
18:06 11 Oct 17
Fantastic job painting our kitchen cabinets white. Workers were very professional and great guys to work with. Excellent communication by all--both the guys on site and by the owners to make sure everything was going well. They matched our old cabinet finish to the right kind of new paint to ensure best coverage, and their work was meticulous and thorough. Our kitchen looks spectacular!read more
Trent Williams
Trent Williams
15:09 17 Sep 20
Josh and Dusty were a fantastic crew. Great communication skills and hyper-responsive to our needs on the exterior of this house. We had more than the usual wood rot and other complications, and they resolved them all before painting. They went the extra mile sealing up cracks and crevices, siding seams and nails, painting the foundation, and even relocating a friendly bat from our chimney vent! The paint job itself was done extremely well with quality paint that should last for over a decade. They were thorough at explaining my options and then going back over the finished work with me to address any final touches or concerns I had. Overall they put in a lot of carpentry and extra work on top of the painting, and we are extremely grateful and pleased with the final product, and the price! Will definitely recommend Absolute Painting to more
Chet Fitch
Chet Fitch
01:17 28 Jun 20
We contracted Absolute Painting to paint our farm house (built circa 1906), and do some repair work to wood surfaces. They completed the project on time, earlier this month. The whole experience was fantastic! Bobby and Alberto were a great team and nice to be around! They worked hard despite wind, heat and wasps. They were always careful to give attention to detail, and were great about cleaning up every day, never leaving a mess. Greg and Mike were great to work with also. Everybody was always on time and was there when they said they would be. This is the best our house has ever looked! Thank you Absolute Painting!read more
Evelyn Self
Evelyn Self
00:04 05 Jun 20
We hired Absolute Painting to paint and repair the exterior of our historic home. We are incredibly happy with how our house turned out. The whole process was so easy for us because of the amazing guys that worked on it. From day one of getting the estimate until everything was completed. They were so professional yet easy going. They took pride in their work and took such good care of our house. Josh went above and beyond with everything he did. The communication was awesome and we felt very confident that he would make sure everything was just right, and that’s exactly what he did.Thank you for such an amazing job well done!! You came highly recommended and I can see why. Thank you again!!read more
Holly Reanier
Holly Reanier
16:25 30 May 20
We hired Absolute Painting to paint/stain our outdated cabinets. James did an amazing job matching our desired colors and style. He also was able to decrease the dust and smell to help protect our child with asthma at home. We would hire them again for any of our painting more
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