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Hi, this is Mike with Absolute Painting, wanting to talk to you today about the interior painting on your home. Maybe you don’t need an entire paint job done, but you want to accent a few walls in your house.

Three simple things

Here are three simple things to remember when you’re wanting to add an accent color to any room in your home. Number one, don’t over do it. Make sure that you choose an area of the room that’s not extremely large. You want something visible, but you don’t want to choose necessarily the largest wall in the room. This may overpower the room, and take away from the décor for the entire area.

Number two, a good idea is to use a window wall. So, if you have a wall with a lot of windows and light coming in, use that wall to add your accent color. The light will come in and reflect off of the other three walls of the room that are much lighter, adding a sense of openness to the room. Yet, with the color on the window wall you can add a little splash of color without making the area seem smaller, or overpowered by your accent color.

The third thing to do is, if you have perhaps a dining room or an area that has a chair rail, you can choose an accent color to go below the chair rail that complements the color above the chair rail.

What if you don’t have a chair rail?

That’s fine, if you can tape a straight line you can paint the lower color … The darker color and have the lighter color on top. Or if you’d like, especially in a children’s room, you can choose a wallpaper boarder with complementary colors.

What you do is make a line where you want the wallpaper boarder to be, paint the top half of the room a lighter color, the bottom half of the room a darker color, and make sure these colors complement the wallpaper boarder. Then, when you’re done simply put the wallpaper boarder in the middle of the room across the wall.

When in doubt,

if you’re having trouble choosing colors go to the paint store; we use Sherwin Williams typically, and order a color to go sample. For a few dollars you can get a sample of paint that you could put on the wall first in a two to three by … 2×2 to 3×3 foot square to give you an idea what the color will look like.

Also, you can go to the Sherwin Williams website and use their color visualizer to check how your accent color would look against the other colors.

Now, if you want to have an accent wall in your house, in any of your rooms, and you don’t feel like doing the painting yourself. Feel free to give Absolute Painting a call, we’ll come out and give you an on-the-spot quote as to how much it would cost. This is Mike Balding with Absolute Painting, until next time have a great day.

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