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Home and condo owners can improve the look and feel of their property by applying a new coat of paint to the kitchen. This is a central part of the home where communal activities take place on a daily basis. It can make a lasting impression on a buyer looking at the property, or it can serve as a meeting place for the family.

Whether your home is destined to go on the market or last throughout your retirement, consider the benefits of getting a fresh coat of paint for the kitchen walls. Consider the pros and cons of hiring a professional painting company compared to doing the work yourself.

Professional Kitchen Painters

Kitchen painting can be surprisingly expensive in terms of the costs of the equipment. The time needed to do it right can also cut into working hours, weekends and family time. The expense of time is the hardest to recover, and this is a key concern for many of our clients who choose to hire professionals instead of doing it as a home project. We can save you both time and money, so you will have those resources available for what matters most in your life.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Paint

Kitchen painting preparations make a huge impact on the final look of the room. This step is easy to overlook or shortchange, but it the core of any kitchen paint project. The first step should involve cleaning the walls, which might have become coated in a thin layer of grease from cooking. This is a big issue in small kitchens. Give the walls a thorough cleaning by scrubbing them with a sponge. You can try using simple green, fast orange or a mixture of baking soda and distilled white vinegar.

After the cleaning, the walls need to be sanded with discs that are 100-grit for removing bumps. This will smooth the walls of the kitchen. Next, holes, divets and grooves should be filled in with spackle, which doesn’t need any primer. After using spackling paste to fill in these areas, the walls should be sanded again with 220-grit sandpaper.

Any HVAC units should be covered in plastic, and the edges must be clearly defined. The walls should then be wiped down with microfiber rags, which are great general-purpose towels. The floors, cabinets, appliances and furniture should be covered in plastic. However, if you are short on time or patience, hire professionals instead of taking shortcuts, which could result in costly mistakes.

Equipment Needed for Kitchen Painting

There are a variety of tools and supplies needed to get an amazing look for your kitchen. Painting supplies can be rented, borrowed or bought. It is possible that you might already own some of the supplies in the list below.

Keep in mind that a professional painting company will use high-quality tools that might not be affordable for the amateur kitchen painter’s kit:

  • Respirator masks protect your lungs from the tiny particles released into the air when sanding or painting. It’s worth the moderate investment, so never short-change this item.
  • Chemicals in the paint can irritate the skin and eyes. Nitrile gloves protect the hands during paint mixing or pouring. This is the time that the paint is most likely to get on the skin. Add a painting suit and protective gear for the eyes to complete your personal safety kit.
  • Hand maskers do an amazing job of aligning tape to meet the contours of any paper or plastic. This is a fast, reliable method for taping drawers and furnishings in preparation for painting the kitchen.
  • Sanders come in a variety of styles and selecting one should be no problem if you are familiar with the top brands. If you don’t already own a reliable sanding machine, you might need to invest in one unless you can borrow this item from a friend. Consider buying a dual-action sander if you also have access to an air compressor. Other popular options include sanding machines by Mirka, Festools or DeWalt.

Hottest Kitchen Paint Colors

Color combinations create a particular mood for the room. Selecting a color scheme involves more than merely choosing your favorite tone from a color sheet; it also involves choosing an entire palate. This process can also include matching colors to the existing textures from the walls and flooring.

Neutral tones complement bold colors and make them stand out. They can be used as a base tone for the overall feeling. Adding splashes of color will balance out the room. Professional color palates are available if you need assistance in selecting a color set that will achieve the effect you desire. Remember that wall colors can be switched, but the base scheme for the counters and cabinets should be locked in first.

Some popular kitchen paint colors include the following:

  • Marine blue makes a formidable statement in any kitchen, and the inky solid color offsets earth tones beautifully.
  • Neutral grey is a soothing tone that also helps to enhance any lively colors that are added to the environment.
  • Liven up the freshly painted kitchen wall with a deep red base color. This will complement newly painted cabinets with a rich, golden wood color.
  • Primary colors will generally work will in a kitchen. The base tones can support splashes of energetic colors, or the entire scheme can remain toned down and mild.

Types of Kitchen Paint

The type of paint used will have a significant impact on daily life. The most important thing to understand at this stage is the difference between semi-gloss and satin paints. Semi-gloss finishes with a sheen that reflects light and appears shiny; however, it is less intense than paints with a glossy finish. Satin paints tend to be more stain-resistant than semi-gloss paints. It is also good for trim and baseboards, and it should be used if you have a lot of holes or patching to cover.

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