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You wash your car when it gets dirty. You wash your dishes when they get dirty. Why, then, wouldn’t you wash your house when it gets dirty, too? Power washing is a great way to improve the appearance of the exterior of your home, help the exterior materials last longer, and even prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can endanger the health of your family. To ensure you get the best results, it’s important to understand all the elements that go into a quality power washing job.

The Right Pressure Washing Equipment

Of course, for any pressure washing job to be successful, you have to have a power washer. Knowing which unit to use, however, is what separates the second-rate power washing companies from those like Absolute Painting. It’s not always a case of “the more power, the better”. In fact, too much power could damage or destroy your exterior materials instead of gently cleaning them. That’s why we carefully consider your home’s specific needs prior to selecting the pressure washer we will use. In addition, our pressure washers allow us to adjust the pressure we’re using, as needed, to ensure even the most delicate of exterior details can be carefully cleaned.

Beyond a pressure washer, however, a thorough cleaning will likely require other specialized equipment. This equipment can include scrubbers, ladders, scaffolding, and safety gear for our crew. Scrubbers allow us to remove dirt and grime that’s especially stubborn. Ladders and scaffolding allow us to be thorough on all parts of your home, no matter its size. Our safety gear helps keep our crews safe, even when the surfaces they’re standing on are wet and slippery. Altogether, this specialized equipment allows us to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Perhaps the most important piece of “equipment” we utilize, however, is the various soaps we utilize to clean various surfaces around your home. The soaps we use help us to clean your home effectively without the use of excessive pressure. If you’ve never looked into pressure washing before, the use of soap may be surprising, given the well-known cleaning power of high-pressure water. When you think about it, though, most other cleaning jobs utilize soap to assist in the cleaning process.

If all of these surfaces are more easily cleaned through the use of soap, why wouldn’t the materials that make up the exterior of your home be more easily cleaned through the use of soap, as well? That’s why we utilize quality soaps that will make dirt easier to remove while protecting your home’s exterior materials.

Benefits of Power Washing

The benefits of cleaning your home’s exterior go well beyond improving its appearance, though that is certainly one of the most obvious perks. After all, power washing can remove just about any dirt or stain that degrades your home’s appearance. Whether it’s stains on your driveway from a car that leaked oil, or dried bird droppings that are out of your reach on vinyl siding, your satisfaction is guaranteed when we complete our work.

Beyond an improved appearance, though, we take pride in providing the citizens of Lenexa KS and Lawrence KS with other benefits through our power washing services. One such benefit is the extended lifespan of your exterior materials. The dirt and grime on your home’s exterior doesn’t just look bad, it’s often full of various compounds that can eat away at the surface of your home’s siding, brick, stucco, or other exterior material.

Over time, these can degrade the protective properties of those materials, leading to decay, intrusion by moisture, and a whole host of other issues. By removing these contaminants on a regular basis, though, the exterior materials on your home are able to resist decay for years to come.

This removal of contaminants is one reason why it’s recommended that you have your home pressure washed after the heavy pollen season has passed. If you’ve ever seen pollen covering cars, even those that have been driven at high speed, you can understand pollen’s sticky properties. When pollen collects on your home’s exterior, then, these sticky properties allow other contaminants to adhere to your home’s exterior, leading to the problems outlined above. By cleaning your home when it’s the dirtiest and most vulnerable, you can help protect its beauty and structural integrity, year after year.

Perhaps the most important benefit of regular power washing of your home is that of protecting your family from illness. This is one area where the process itself and the way the process is completed are both important to success and your overall satisfaction. The process of cleaning your home’s exterior helps remove any mold or mildew that may have begun to grow in cracks and crevices where the different pieces of material join together.

Of course, the way in which these contaminants are removed is just as important. You see, if pressurized water is applied in an upward direction, especially on siding, it could force the water between the layers of siding, leading to growth of mold and mildew and potential rot of the wood on the exterior of your home. That’s where our knowledge and expertise come into play, ensuring each job is done well and done correctly, every time, leaving you with fantastic results you can be proud to show off.

Power Washing Pros You Can Trust

As proud members and supporters of the Lawrence KS and Lenexa KS communities, the pros at Absolute Painting truly care about each of the customers we serve. We understand the job we do goes beyond beautifying your home and extends to potential impacts on your family’s health and safety. We take that responsibility very seriously, meaning we take our time when providing our power washing services and won’t leave the job site until you’re completely satisfied.

To provide extra peace of mind and to fully comply with all laws, we are fully licensed and insured, meaning you can rest easy while we’re working on your property. Compared to cleaning your home’s exterior yourself, then, choosing us to complete the job is about as low-risk as you can get. After all, the machines we use and the heights we ascend to can be dangerous without the proper know-how and experience. Leave the dirty work to us, then, and be rewarded with a beautiful, safe home that you can enjoy each time you step outside.


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