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This Lawrence homeowner had cultivated his yard into a veritable park; in fact, he had a plant that he had nurtured and transplanted for over 50 years! Needless to say, damaging or getting paint on his plants was not an option, so we brought out our dropcloths and covered all of them long enough to paint above them, and then uncovered them so that we didn’t damage anything by leaving them covered up in the hot sun. We used 3M’s special exterior masking tape and plastic to cover the windows to protect them from overspray.

Also, the seams and nail holes on this house had not been caulked properly when the house was built, so we caulked the seams where each sheet of siding met, along with the nail holes to protect against moisture intrusion, and ensure the integrity of the siding. Preparation is essential to a good painting project. The better prepared the surface is, the better the finished product will turn out, and the longer it will las t. The time spent in covering plants and bushes is well worth making another satisfied customer.

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