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Client Name

Sarah M.

Project Duration

4 Days


Lawrence, KS

Exterior Home Painters Transforming a Home & Yard With A Double Coat Touch

Exterior repainting has gained popularity in Lawrence, KS since it increases the beauty of homes and longevity of the home. Imagine the incredible transformation of your house after a professional exterior repainting job. It breathes new life into the appearance and creates a lasting impression.

What makes exterior repainting special is the perfect combination of quality and affordability. So, join this trend and give your home’s exterior a beautiful makeover that everyone will admire and enjoy! 

A house with a lawn and trees- Exterior House Painting Services In Lawrence, KS

The Project

Sarah approached Absolute Painting with a vision to transform her drab exterior into something beautiful, and painting was the first step towards achieving her goal. Within four days, our team carefully cleaned the surfaces and applied two coats of top-quality paint to bring out the true color.

Despite encountering obstacles such as the need for an additional coat due to the initial color depth and the absorbent old siding, we remained committed to providing a superior residential exterior painting for our customers.

We take immense pride in our team’s dedication to quality and the remarkable makeover we achieved, bringing Sarah one step closer to her dream property.  

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Our Approach

Absolute Painting firmly believes in providing exceptional residential exterior painting services and undertakes each project with attention to detail and a commitment to delivering desired results. Here’s how we approach this project. 

Our approach to this residential exterior painting project involves a comprehensive process that includes cleaning, thorough preparation, the application of two coats of paint, and the utilization of our expertise. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we give properties an amazing look! 

Rising Above: Overcoming Challenges To Deliver A Perfect Home’s Exterior

Absolute Painting is always ready to face any challenge when working on a project, as they can occur at any time. These challenges help us to analyze our problem-solving skills and the dedication of our team to overcome them.

During this project, our team of exterior home painters encountered an obstacle when applying the first coat of paint. The chosen dark green color didn’t exhibit the desired depth over the lighter base. To deliver a fine finish, we swiftly addressed this issue to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Another challenge arose due to the outdated and untreated siding, which acted like a sponge by absorbing the initial coat of paint. We recognized the significance of providing long-lasting protection and a vibrant appearance. This challenge occurred as the siding hadn’t been painted in so long, making it highly absorbent.

To overcome these challenges, we implemented a solution that involved applying two coats of paint. By doing so, we not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also provided a protective barrier against the elements, ensuring the painted surfaces would endure for years to come. 

By addressing issues related to color depth and absorbent siding, our home exterior painters ensure exceptional results that make our clients happy with the results!

Exterior House Painting Services In Lawrence, KS

Looking Back: Continuous Improvement for Future Projects

If we could start this project from the beginning, we would have discussed the potential for two coats of paint from the start, especially considering Sarah’s dark color choice. By doing so, we could have set realistic expectations and ensured a more satisfactory outcome.

The siding was rough and very absorbent, so it required extra attention. One coat wasn’t enough, so we had to apply one more to fully develop the color and guarantee protection for the painted surfaces. 

A house with a lawn and trees- Exterior House Painting Services In Lawrence, KS

Reflection On Our Achievements

Our team at Absolute Painting takes great pride in showcasing the achievements we accomplished during this project. Here are the top three accomplishments we cherish: 

Enhancing Results with a Second Coat

It is only our unwavering commitment that led us to offer Sarah a second touch of paint. This decision ensured the desired color depth and shield for her home’s exterior. Going the extra mile shows our dedication to exceeding customer demands.

‘Fab’ Exterior Makeover

We take immense pride in the fresh and new look we achieved for the home. With our prime materials, we created a captivating exterior. We are happy to see the improvement we made to the property’s overall look.  

Living the Dream

Being part of Sarah’s journey toward her dream property was an honor. Our residential exterior painting services have played a significant role in turning her dream into reality. By enhancing her home’s look, we have created the property she has always dreamed of. Seeing her happy drives us to provide excellent results.

Looking ahead, we are excited to see photos of Sarah’s spring flowers! The painting and nature combined well, and this shows our teamwork was a success. We strive to improve our residential exterior painting services to fulfill clients’ demands and deliver just perfect results! 

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