Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Lawrence, KS

Client Name

Jason M.

Project Duration

1 week


Lawrence, KS

Transforming & Repainting Cabinets Giving Extraordinary Makeover

Repainting cabinets can bring a remarkable lost beauty to your kitchen while being mindful of your budget. When considering the cost to repaint kitchen cabinets, it is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them entirely. Repainting allows you to achieve a fresh and updated look, instantly boosting the appearance of your cabinets.

It is a more affordable option that can give your kitchen a renewed vibe without the expense of a full cabinet replacement.

Refinishing involves processes such as sanding, staining, and applying a protective finish to bring out the timeless charm of the wood. By choosing professional kitchen cabinet refinishers in Lawrence, KS you can get the job done more efficiently and enhances the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

A white painted kitchen with dusty blue cabinets and a countertop- painting company in Lawrence, KS sandpaper to use for cabinet

The Project

Jason Merckling approached Absolute Painting for his kitchen cabinet refinishing needs in Lawrence, KS. In just one week, our skilled team revamped Jason’s kitchen cabinets and adjacent built-in, giving his home a vibrant and refreshed appearance.

With thorough surface preparation, expert painting techniques, and smooth coordination, we delivered excellent results. Jason’s satisfaction shows our commitment to protecting his home, achieving cabinet transformations, and completing projects efficiently. When it comes to cabinet refinishing, Jason trusted Absolute Painting for a job well done!

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Our Approach

Our approach to cabinet refinishing was carefully planned and executed to ensure exceptional results. Here’s how we start & complete proficiently. 

Removal of Doors & Drawer Faces

We start by carefully removing all doors and drawer faces from the cabinets. These components are taken to our dedicated paint shop for refinishing, allowing us to achieve a flawless finish.

Thorough Surface Preparation

To guarantee a smooth and durable outcome, we thoroughly prepared all surfaces that won’t be painted. This includes cleaning and utilizing a vapor barrier to protect the surrounding area.

Sanding & Degloss

We carefully sand and degloss all surfaces that will receive paint. This step was crucial for creating a proper bonding surface and ensuring optimal paint adhesion.

Application of Bonding Primer

Our team applied a high-quality bonding primer to the prepared surfaces. This primer enhances adhesion and promotes long-lasting results, preventing peeling or chipping.

Sanding & Topcoat Application

After the primer has dried, we sand the surfaces once again to achieve a smooth finish. Then, we apply two topcoats of premium cabinet paint using professional spray equipment. This method ensures a uniform finish, giving cabinets a brand-new look.

Removal of Masking Materials & Reinstallation

Once the paint has dried and cured, we carefully remove all masking materials, ensuring a clean and polished appearance. We then reinstall the painted doors, drawer faces, and hardware, paying close attention to detail.

Throughout the process, our experienced kitchen cabinet refinishers maintain a keen eye for precision and quality. We work diligently to transform cabinets into outstanding focal points, enhancing the overall look of the kitchen. 

Delivering Excellence: Overcoming Challenges for a Perfect Kitchen Look

Taking on challenges is an integral part of every project, and this was no different. Here at Absolute Painting, we never back down from a challenge. With our expertise and unwavering commitment, We overcame every challenge, and this is how we did it.

Dual Area Painting & Avoiding Paint Exposure

One of the significant challenges we faced in this project was the need to paint two separate areas: the kitchen and an adjacent built-in in the living room. This posed the risk of dust and paint exposure between the areas, potentially affecting the overall finish.

To overcome this, we implemented thorough measures to fully prep and isolate each area. By creating a dust and vapor barrier and utilizing fans and ducting systems, we ensure pristine results for both areas.

Meeting Timelines Promptly

Another challenge we encountered was the need to complete the repainting of cabinets swiftly to align with Jason’s timeline for wood floor installation. Understanding the importance of timing, we coordinate with Jason and adapt our schedule accordingly.

Our cabinet technician, James, even assisted Jason in relocating his stove out of the work area, ensuring uninterrupted progress. By closely collaborating with Jason we managed to complete the project properly without any disruption to his flooring project.

We proactively address project-specific challenges. Our commitment to excellence in kitchen cabinet refinishing ensures that we deliver amazing results while maintaining the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets in Lawrence, KS

Looking Back: Celebrating Achievements

After finishing this project, we take pride in three outstanding achievements that make us feel proud and happy.

This project will always be remembered as an example of what can happen when passion meets excellence.

We ensure that our next client receives the same level of service, unmatched commitment, and fascinating results!

A white painted kitchen with dusty blue cabinets and a countertop- painting company in Lawrence, KS sandpaper to use for cabinet

Client Feedback

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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Excellent process from start to finish. From the quote, communication leading up to project, and the cabinet refinish/painting. So happy about the finish quality. We remodeled our entire first level and this was our favorite part! All of the interactions with Absolute Painting were top notch. James was very kind to work with and he took great pride in his work. He often offered to help us with things that were outside of the scope of his project. He helped me move a washer before our floor people came over. I didn’t ask him for the help, he insisted. Truly above and beyond to work with everyone at Absolute Painting!

- Jason M.
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