Residential Painting vs Commercial Painting – What’s the Difference?

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One would wonder why they need to bother to choose between commercial painting contractors and residential painting. Don’t all painters paint? It is indeed true that both types of painter’s paint.

However, there is a massive difference in the kind of work the two do. The commercial painters receive training on working on large spaces in commercial buildings. On the other hand, the residential painters receive training on painting in people’s homes.

Knowing the difference helps you to determine what type of painter is right for your property. In case you have tried searching for painters, you have probably noticed two common types — the residential and commercial painters. Sometimes, it is tricky to determine the difference between the two due to lack of information. Most of the differences and similarities are outlined below.

What is Commercial Painting?
Commercial painting refers to the act of painting that is at a large scale as compared to residential. The painters deal with large commercial buildings such as industries, hotels, and offices. Commercial painters paint both the interior and the exterior of your building within the stipulated time without causing any delays and interruptions. Some of the services offered include:
• Painting your church
• Doing the masonry repairs
• Power washing
• Specialized roof coatings
• Remodeling paintings

What is Residential Painting?
The commercial painters solely deal with residential homes and houses. The people have the full experience and knowledge in transforming the outlook of houses to look great. The experience helps them in making sure that they transform your home into what you want professionally. They deal with both the external and internal paintings of the house. The painters offer a range of services including:
Cabinet Refinishing
• Stucco paintings
• Walls painting and repairs
• Cedar painting and staining

What are the similarities between Commercial and House Painting?

They Both Paint
The similarity between the two types of painting is the fundamental act they both do. They paint on walls and buildings. The variations arise as to scale they paint and what they specialize in doing.

Specialization and Experience
Both types of painters have vast experience in doing what they do. The experience and expert skills arise from the choice to specialize. When a painter focuses on doing one thing, they become the best in undertaking it. You can trust that commercial painters will do a great job in your restaurant property. You can also be sure that home painters will transform your home and improve its aesthetic nature.

Internal and External Painting
The residential painters and those of commercial buildings do comprehensive work. They paint not only the interior of your property but also the exterior. You, therefore, do not need to worry about hiring someone else to do the exterior. Some of the commercial painting contractors offer both home and commercial personnel who are qualified and competent. Absolute Painting cover both your home needs and your commercial buildings needs in Lawrence KS.

What are the differences?

The Range Of Services
The range of services offered by the two types of painters is entirely distinct. The painting activities involved in business buildings is altogether different from home. The commercial personnel provides a wide range of services as compared to residential painters. There is little work with regards to painting that you would find in a home. On the other hand, commercial buildings require a lot of services that are large scale.

Some of the services offered by the industrial painters include sandblasting, flooring installation, faux finishing, complete building remodeling, and electrostatic painting. These types of services require expertise and knowledge that is different from home painting.

Home painters have a different scope of services they offer. The services are not quite involving as those of industrial painters (in terms of size). However, the job also requires experience and vast knowledge. Some of the services done by home painters include wall painting, wood repair and painting, ceilings paintings, and stucco painting. Hiring a home painter to paint your office may affect the quality of work that they will do.

Although the home and industrial painters have vast experiences, nature and content vary. Industrial painters must go through intense training to obtain the endurance that they need in meeting specifications and being accurate. It is essential as a commercial painter, to learn to work within the given schedules. Failure to do so may lead to significant losses to you and your employer. Their experiences are far higher than those of the residential houses.

When talking about painting a home, it’s important to remember that most houses are not as big as the industrial buildings. The commercial buildings can be huge, and thus it takes time, effort and commitment to learning the skills needed to adhere to regulations and painting procedures. Home painters have a different kind of experience. Most residential painting contractors are experts in communication. You have to be keen to understand and determine what the homeowner wants from them. Since painting homes do not have stipulated and written down blueprints, communication is critical.

Other skills all professional painters possess are privacy and safety. A painter will need to learn how to respect the privacy of the residents of a home. You will need to understand how to protect the property of homeowners while painting. Some of the painters are accustomed to working in a home environment full of distractions and movements of family members and children. Moreover, homeowners do not demand strict time and schedules because of the many interruptions they have.

The number of Painters
Given the scale of work and the range of services that takes place in commercial buildings, a big number of workers can be necessary. Employing fewer employees does not necessarily guarantee quality work within the stipulated time limits. Most companies and businesses give the painting companies schedules on which to work within. So, it makes sense that there would be many painters working on commercial property rather than in a home. The painters who paint commercial properties employ work specialties. While some are working on the floor, others are doing something else. The coordination and specialization result in quality work within the stipulated time.

Residential houses are smaller compared to commercial buildings. Most of the time, residential apartments and homes require a small number of people to do the painting work. Some homeowners may also choose to paint only one room or two within the entire house. In that case, the workload is less and so is the labor requirement. A professional home painter can be an individual who is self-employed. However, an industrial painting job cannot be a single individual affair.

The amount of Paint
Since the commercial spaces can be large, they can require a lot of paint. Commercial properties utilize different types of painting techniques in painting the different parts of buildings. Painting contractors need substantial experience and skill to paint the different designs, surfaces and heights. Residential homes do not need much painting designs and methods. The only hard task is to determine the right type of paint that is suitable for the house and the needs of the family.

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