Should I Paint My Brick House?

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If you own a home with a brick exterior, you may think there are few options for changing the aesthetic of the house. Many people don’t realize that painting brick exterior is an option for someone who wants to give their home a fresh look.

The trend is currently on the rise, but is painting brick a good idea? Consider some pros and cons before you make the final decision to hire brick painters.

What are the Benefits of Painting Exterior Brick?

Brick is no longer used as a common construction material, so your brick home may have an outdated red, orange, or yellow look. Freshening up with some paint offers many advantages.

For one, the newly revived color will boost your home’s curb appeal, which will increase its market value. A professional paint job in a dark slate or a crisp white will catch the eye and make the home stand out.

A coat of paint will provide a layer of protection from the elements. Paint acts as a sealant to protect the home from severe weather, precipitation, and other elements of the outdoors. Having a protective layer over the brick will reduce that outdated faded look, as well as deterioration of the home’s exterior.

Additionally, a painted exterior is much easier to keep clean. Dirt is easily trapped in the porous surface of bricks, making it difficult to clean. Cleaning becomes even more difficult as the brick starts to deteriorate and pores become larger. A painted brick will have a smoother surface that you can easily maintain yourself with a power washer.

Some Things to Consider Before Painting Brick

Although there are plenty of benefits to painting your brick exterior, there are also some important details to think about before you make the decision.

Remember, once you paint the brick, you can’t undo the decision. Though you can change the color of the paint to keep up with current trends or your own preferences, you won’t be able to go back to the original brick. If you wanted to attempt to remove the paint, you would need to hire a professional, which would be costly and unlikely to even work.

No matter the building material, any painted house will require maintenance and upkeep. Moisture will cause paint to chip, and this is especially true near the ground of a painted brick home. You should have brick painters come in to freshen up the paint job every 7-10 years to prevent chipping and other deterioration as well as to keep the color looking bright and crisp.

A painted brick house will show more dirt and mildew than a natural brick exterior, but again, it will be much easier to clean. A power washer will effectively have your painted exterior looking brand new. For some, this is an easy enough job to do themselves. If you’re not interested in power washing on your own, hiring a professional to perform the task is affordable, generally costing a few hundred dollars.

Helpful Tips for Painting Exterior Brick

Generally, the point of building a home out of bricks is to ensure that the owner doesn’t have to deal with paint upkeep. It’s aesthetic is part of its purpose.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same look for the rest of your life. It doesn’t mean you need to have reservations about purchasing a home with a brick exterior. You can still paint over the brick; just make sure you do your research. There are some considerations to keep in mind to protect the integrity of the structure.

Before the painting process begins, the brick surface needs to be clean, structurally sound, and free of mold. You can’t hide these issues behind a coat of paint. Damaged bricks need to be restored and mold needs to be removed first to prevent moisture from being trapped in the brick. Painting over a moist brick will amplify any issues you’re already experiencing. Specifically hiring a brick painting company should help you avoid any problems with unprepared brick.

Choose your paint wisely. Remember, bricks are porous. A high-quality paint is necessary to ensure a long-lasting paint job, and you may also require a sturdy primer. Experienced brick painters will recommend a quality paint. Set an appointment for a consultation before you choose any paint or primer.

Hire a professional residential painting contractor. You’re looking at a huge task and it’s one of those jobs that is worth the cost of handing over to a professional. All brick needs to be restored, cleaned, and prepared for painting. A professional brick painter will have the knowledge and experience needed to appropriately prep and paint your home to have it looking precise.

Confirm that painting over the brick is truly the right change for your house. Don’t forget this is a permanent decision and you can never go back to the natural brick, so you want to be certain in your decision. Consider all of the possibilities for exterior changes. You may be interested in doing something smaller, like painting the trim or the shutters and windows. These are simpler, less permanent projects that can freshen up your curb appeal.

Let the Experts Paint Your Brick House

Painting your brick exterior will have a great impact on the appearance of your home and can add a significant bump to its value. There are some considerations you want to think about before making the decision but know that a skilled residential painting contractor can improve the look of your home with a stellar paint job. Getting the job done properly and with the correct paint and tools will guarantee a brand-new look for your fading brick. Absolute Painting is a residential painting contractor servicing the Lenexa KS and Lawrence KS areas. Skilled professionals are available to go over colors, strategy, and scheduling for painting your home. Call today for a free quote!


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