Soothing Paint Colors for a Nursery in Kansas

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When you find out that a new baby is on the way, it is time to start planning the nursery. Obviously, you want to pick a soothing paint color. To get beautiful results, it is best to call the professionals. Quality home painting can be completed quickly and easily. Absolute Painting will deliver top quality results to your Lawrence KS property. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect wall color for your nursery.

Calming Teal

If you are on the fence between blue and green, teal is a smart choice. Blue is often associated with calm water, and green often evokes feelings of peace. A great balance is a mixture of both. Also, teal is a wonderful color when you don’t know the sex of your baby and want things ready when he or she arrives.

Pastel Pink

Of course, when you are planning your new baby girl’s nursery, pink is a color that comes to mind. It is a hue that goes with love and compassion. Since it elicits feelings of comfort and warmth, it will help your infant relax. In fact, scientific studies have shown that pink calms the human mind.

Willowy White

Although many home interior paint colors are used to bring interest to a room, basic white can make a statement as well. White in a nursery emotes feelings of innocence and creates an angelic ambience. Instead of using a stark white shade that may seem cold, a soft ivory is preferred. To bring even more warmth to the space, you can incorporate furniture that has a lot of texture. Also, it is possible to apply a wallpaper border to the top of the room. However, it is smart to use a removable product so that when baby grows, it is easily replaced with something new.

Dandelion Yellow

Yellow is another gender-neutral color that brings a relaxing vibe to a nursery. Yellow is often linked to feelings of happiness. Instead of using a harsh or overly bright tone, a softer shade like dandelion will create warmth and a soothing environment.

Dark Orange

Even though orange is not always the first color that parents consider for their baby’s nursery, a dark tone may be very welcoming and cozy. A dark orange blends well with natural wood and creates a rustic elegance. Using orange on the walls is a modern trend that can create a feeling of comfort in this type of space.

Working with a Professional for Quality House Painting

Before baby arrives, you are sure to be very busy. Why waste time painting the nursery? A team of home painting professionals can get the job done quickly and with beautiful results. These experts have the right equipment and use the newest technologies to deliver the room that you desire. At Absolute Painting, we are licensed and insured and have many years of experience at home painting around Lawrence KS. When you want your baby’s nursery to have a soothing vibe, we will help you select the perfect color. For more information, call us at 705-979-0700.


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