The 2023 Colors of the Year

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Are you looking for a better understanding of the colors that will be popular in 2023? If you are, this article can help you out. More than that, it’s also a fun and interesting read with lots of color combinations and shades.

There is no doubt that hundreds of colors with names have different meanings and may even have some historical significance.

Below are our top color predictions for this year, from which you can get a sneak peek of what it will look like. Each color represents many categories: home, fashion, lifestyle, inspiration, and technology. These 2023 Colors of the Year are:

Ivory Brown

Interior designers have used Ivory brown to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in homes across the country.

Ivory Brown is a warm tone of light yellow. It’s a great choice for neutralizing any color that might be too bold or bright. Ivory Brown works well with other pastel shades but can stand alone as an accent color.

Ivory Brown is a good choice if you have a small space and are looking for a small-scale color. A painting contractor can use it in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen to add warmth and brightness without stepping on your guests’ toes.

Ivory Browns can be key in so many ways! One can apply it on an accent wall color in small spaces or as part of a larger scheme in larger rooms.

A painting contractor can also use it as a backdrop behind other colors like white or black! It’s perfect for rooms with more natural light, like kitchens or bathrooms, where you want to brighten up the space but want to maintain functionality by adding many chrome fixtures and accessories.

Cozy White

Cozy White is a warm and inviting color that lends itself to cozy settings and intimate gatherings. This shade can also be useful for various other purposes, including weddings and anniversaries. This neutral color is perfect for any occasion since it works with many different decor styles.

Cozy White may look white on your screen or printed in black and white, but it has a warm hue that’s perfect for adding warmth to your space.

It looks great on wood floors or other light-colored walls, but it can also serve in any room where you need more brightness. In addition, this color works well with almost any other color scheme because it will easily match other colors while maintaining its unique look.

Gentle Violet

Gentle Violet is a soft pastel with a purple undertone. More importantly, it is the color of calm, serenity, and peace. The color is calming and mood-enhancing and inspires feelings of relaxation, comfort, and calmness.

The gentle nature of Gentle Violet makes it an excellent choice for any project that needs a subtle palette contrast with other colors, but it can also create more vibrant designs. Gentle Violet works well with warm tones because it looks best when paired with stronger colors like red or orange.

Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow is a light blue color with blue and white lines. It’s a very strong color but not too loud or aggressive. It’s perfect for modern business contexts, where it can be useful as a neutral background color. In addition, this color makes for an interesting accent when combined with other colors.

Blue can create a sense of calm, serenity, and peace. When paired with reds and greens, it provides balance and harmony. Blue has long been anonymous with water — it’s associated with cleanliness and purity.


Flora is a new addition to the palette and can be an asset in many ways. Below are some examples of how Absolute Painting Company could use them:

Freshen up your room with a pop of color by using a geometric pattern on one wall and Flora on another.

Add a splash of color to your bathroom with Flora as an accent in the shower or bathtub.

Use Flora for a simple way to add some color to your kitchen countertop.

Use Flora as a background for an office decorating project.

Desert Carnation

Desert Carnation is a vibrant, orange-red color described as “a deep, intense red.” It’s a beautiful shade of red, with the bonus of being super easy to work with. It’s also one of the most popular colors for nail polish — thanks to its versatility and popularity, and it’s often used as an accent or even a main base color.

Desert Carnation is a favorite among artists because it makes any design look amazing. It looks great, but you can also use it with other colors.

Green Trellis

Green Trellis is a color many users in Lawrence KS, use in many interior design projects. It combines green and white colors, making it look like a trellis. Color can be useful in many areas, such as interior design, fashion, and painting.

Green Trellis can be critical in any project, including interiors and exteriors. You can paint the floor with this color or use it to decorate your room. In addition to being key for decoration, Green Trellis can also serve for accenting rooms without being too bright.

This color is not only great for decorating but also for having a modern feel in your home. If you have green plants in your home, this color will perfectly complement them. You can also use Green Trellis when adding some greenery to your home.

It’s time for a bold, new color palette that is anything but popular, and it is here to challenge your perception of what design has to offer.

Ultimately, these colors reflect the desire among designers to create something truly exciting, not just to follow trends but to make them. Please contact Absolute Painting in Lawrence KS, for your painting needs.



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