The Psychology Behind Kansas Paint Colors

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Do you want your house to feel calm and happy? Are you interested in transforming your kitchen into a lively, family-oriented space? If you are renovating your home, the paint color you choose can determine the way a room feels.

When you work with the best interior painters, you can get help deciding which paint colors will work for each room. While the overall decor matters as well, your walls are more than just a visual experience. The colors you pick for your room can determine how the room psychologically affects you. Because of this, you should carefully consider the color palette and purpose for each room.

Calming Blues

Your painting contractor has probably painted hundreds of blue rooms. This is one of the most popular colors for a variety of reasons. Unlike vibrant reds, blues have an incredibly calming effect. Because of this, blues are excellent choices for relaxed spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms.

When you paint a room blue, it has an impact on your physical and mental health. Blue walls can slow down your respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, it can also alleviate aggression and anxiety.

If you are thinking about blue walls, you should start the process by talking to interior painters in Lawrence KS. For your rooms to look their best, you need to pick the perfect shade. A dark blue can feel drab and depressing. Meanwhile, an excessively light blue can feel chilly and cold. With the right shade, you can create serene, relaxing rooms for your guests.

Empathetic Pinks

Pink is soothing like blue, but it has an empathetic quality as well. At Absolute Painting, we see a lot of parents choose pink for a child’s bedroom. While this is generally a great choice, we have noticed that children seem to outgrow pink fairly quickly. As long as you are alright with changing the color in a few years, we think pink is a beautiful, empathetic shade for a child’s room.

Stimulating Reds

If you want to pass out as soon as you come home, you should probably avoid having red walls in your bedroom. Red is one of the boldest colors available. It instantly infuses any space with energy.

By adding red to a room, you can create a stimulating effect for your heart rate and blood pressure. In fact, some restaurants use red paint to boost a customer’s focus and appetite. Because of this, red is a good color for kitchens and dining rooms.

While red is great in the kitchen, it is not a good choice for bedrooms or bathrooms. It can trigger aggression in some individuals. To avoid stimulating your adrenaline too much, you should reserve red for social areas and active spaces.

Sophisticated Purples

Long ago, the Romans only allowed magistrates and the ruling class to wear purple. Thankfully, everyone can enjoy this sophisticated color today. With a dark purple, you can enjoy an influx of passion and confidence. While dark purple is quite dramatic, light purple embodies sensitivity and compassion. Because light purple inspires creativity, it is considered an excellent color for kids’ rooms.

Positive Yellows

A painting contractor can help you pick the perfect shade of yellow for your home in Lawrence KS. We believe yellow is the perfect shade for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Because yellow is a sunny color, it helps to lift the mood.

This energizing color is perfect for any space that needs some excitement and happiness. When used in small amounts, yellow is an uplifting color. In large amounts, it can inspire a sense of frustration and anxiety. As a general rule, our painters recommend using yellow paint for accent walls, trim and small sections of the room.

Other than living rooms and kitchens, yellow is also a great color for a child’s playroom. You should probably avoid using it in a child’s bedroom because the exciting nature of yellow could impact the child’s sleeping schedule. Since yellow can boost memory abilities and concentration, it is a good choice for a library, study or office.

Tranquil Greens

At Absolute Painting, we love using green in playrooms and offices. Studies show that green can boost a kid’s reading comprehension and reading speed. In addition to reducing stress, green is also incredibly soothing. Because of this, green is an excellent color for private rooms and social spaces.

Exciting Oranges

Because orange can be an exciting color, our interior painters recommend avoiding it in sleeping areas and relaxation spaces. While this cheery color can brighten a room, it can also be overstimulating. Because of this, you may want to limit how much orange you use in your home.

Your painting contractor can talk to you about how to incorporate orange into a home. Often, it looks great on trim and accent walls. With the right amount of orange, you can boost socialization, encourage a sense of playfulness and enhance communication. Ideally, you should focus on using orange in socially active areas.

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