What to do With Outdated Wallpaper in Your New Home in Kansas

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Discolored, faded, or outdated wallpaper can be a serious drag on a home’s appearance. Whether you’re hoping to sell your property or you simply want to update your house’s look, you’ll need to replace the old wallpaper with something more attractive. Unfortunately, dealing with old wallpaper is often easier said than done. Removing the paper is tricky, and you might need to find a creative way out of this sticky situation.

From removing the old wallpaper to covering the paper with beadboard, there are solutions available. Some are simpler than others, but they all require hard work and ingenuity. If you want to take the easy way out of this conundrum, you can always arrange for professional assistance. The painting contractors at Absolute Painting in Lawrence KS will know how to get your home looking its best.

Dealing with old wallpaper is certainly a challenge, but there’s plenty you can do. Here are the main options to consider.

Remove the Old Wallpaper

Whenever you’re dealing with something old and distasteful in your home, removing it seems like the obvious course of action. Removing old wallpaper is the best option when you’ve got multiple layers on the wall, but the process is far from easy.

You’ll need a strong adhesive remover to attack the glue and a sturdy scraper to really get at the paper. Even with these specialized tools, you’re still looking at hours or even days of hard work. While scraping at the paper, make sure you don’t do any damage to the drywall underneath. The last thing you want is for the wall to come out pitted and scratched.

Paint Over the Wallpaper

If you’ve only got a layer or two of wallpaper and the sheets are firmly attached to the wall, painting over the paper is a viable option. Go over the wall beforehand and glue down any loose corners or ends. Make sure you’re thorough and let the glue dry before you start painting. You’ll need at least two coats of paint to fully cover the color of the paper.

If there are more than two layers of wallpaper on the wall, painting over them is not the best strategy. While other methods are more labor intensive, it’s worth it to ensure you don’t face any problems down the road. To make the task as easy as possible, consider hiring professional inside house painters.

Cover the Wallpaper With Beadboard

Beadboard provides a stylish way to effectively cover wallpaper without having to remove it. It’s an especially favorable option when you only have to cover the lower portion of the wall. Beadboard typically comes in sheets, making it remarkably easy to purchase the exact amount you need. Topped with decorative molding, it also makes for an attractive upgrade to almost any room.

While using beadboard for the bottom of the wall is a common strategy, there’s no reason you can’t apply it to the entire room. If you choose the right color and pattern, the walls should come out looking stylish and sleek. With the beadboard in place, you’ll never have to look at your ugly wallpaper again.

Paper Over the Old Wallpaper

Sometimes, the solution to an ugly wallpaper problem is simply to add fresh, attractive wallpaper on top of it. Just like when you paint over wallpaper, you’ll have to do some prep work before you get started. Remove any torn pieces and glue down loose edges to create a perfectly uniform surface. Then, let the glue dry so you have a dry base to work with. Papering over wet glue could cause unsightly bubbles and stains.

As with painting, it’s best to avoid adding paper when you’ve already got several layers on the wall. Excessive layering will lead to all sorts of ugly blemishes down the road. When the wall only has a layer or two, however, then an additional spread of paper shouldn’t hurt.

Don’t Hesitate To Make Necessary Changes

Old wallpaper might be unsightly, but it doesn’t have to plague your home in the months and years ahead. Whether you remove the old wallpaper, paint over it, or cover it up with beadboard, you can get this unfortunate out of sight and out of mind.

The ideal solution for your home will depend on the nature of the problem and your particular tastes. If you’ve already got a few layers of paper on the wall, then you might want to consider removing it or covering it with beadboard. If there’s only a layer or two, you can opt for paint or even another layer of wallpaper. Whichever solution you opt for, consider hiring painting contractors who will know how to get the job done right.

Bringing in Professionals

You might know exactly what you want for your home’s interior, but you’ll have a hard time pulling it off if you don’t have the necessary experience. Professional inside house painters can effectively put your plans into action. There’s no need to toil away for days on end to produce suboptimal results. A painting contractor can do high-quality work and give your home the sleek appearance you’re after.

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