What to Expect When Getting a Painting Estimate

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When you paint your home, you invest your precious time and money. Thus, you deserve a clear idea of the costs and schedule before work begins. That way, you can adjust your household budget and personal calendar accordingly, and you can shop for competitive pricing.

However, what should be included with an exterior painting quote? How accurate should that estimate be? And how do you know you can trust the quotes you get?

Every painting company has its own system for arriving at an estimate. Reliable businesses usually take the steps below when they prepare a quote.

1. Taking Measurements

A residential painting contractor will measure the dimensions of every surface that you want painted. Windows, doors, stairs, and other outdoor items like railings and lampposts must all be carefully measured as well. And you can decide if you’d like your trim included.

2. Evaluating Surfaces

A contractor will see what materials your exterior surfaces are made of. He or she will also study their textures, coatings, and colors. Plus, this painter will ask you what new colors, if any, you’re interested in.

By examining these surfaces, painters get a sense of what they’ll need to do before they take out their brushes. They might have to scrape away debris and peeling paint, repair gaps and holes, sand rough spots, or power wash the entire exterior, among other possible tasks.

3. Seeking Your Input

A residential painting contractor should have some questions to ask you. For instance, she or he will probably ask what your budget is for the project. Also, this professional will likely want to know when you want the work to start and how long you expect it to last. As a result, you can plan out a rough initial schedule together.

The person who’s preparing your estimate might ask what kind of paint you’d like. You could name a specific type. Alternatively, you could discuss the qualities of paint that you’re interested in: perhaps a certain texture, color, or sheen.

If you have no idea what you’re looking for, the exterior painting contractor can walk you through your options. Or this person could simply choose the paint that she or he believes would work the best. In a similar way, the two of you can discuss what type of finish should be applied.

In the end, all of this advice will let you achieve that exciting exterior look that you’re after.

Be Proactive

During your first meeting with a contractor, it’s important to mention anything you think might affect the paint job or its costs. For instance, you might point out areas of dry rot or places where moisture tends to collect.

In addition, you’ll want to ask a series of crucial questions. That way, you can ensure the most accurate exterior painting quote possible.

For example, you could ask what the estimate will cover and what the painting company specializes in. Which employees will take on this job? What guarantees and warranties will the contractor offer? What permits will be needed, and who will pay for them?

It’s wise to ask if preparation and cleanup costs are included in the estimate. Find out how rain delays are handled as well. And learn what you can about the company itself. How many years has it been in operation? How long has this business employed its current team of exterior painters? Is it possible to obtain some references from past customers?

Stay on Guard

The phrase “buyer beware” certainly applies to painting contractors. And how a painting company handles its estimate can tell you a lot about how it conducts business in general.

First of all, once you request an estimate by phone or on the internet, a company representative should return your message promptly. You shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks to hear back.

On the day the contractor visits your residence, she or he should show up on time. This person should be friendly and respectful, completely responsive to your questions and concerns. This individual should be wearing a uniform and driving an official company vehicle as well. Also, he or she shouldn’t take any pictures or videos of your home unless you say it’s OK to do so.

After that appointment, you ought to receive your estimate within two business days. That document might be delivered in person, via email, or maybe even by fax.

Avoid companies that offer overly general estimates. Price figures should not be “in the ballpark.” And these numbers shouldn’t just be scribbled on a piece of paper. Rather, your estimate should come as an official document, one with lists of specific costs, work materials, and dates.

It’s helpful if your estimate comes with a contract for both parties to sign. That way, if any significant changes to the estimate occur, you have the power to approve or reject them before work continues.

You might find that a contractor can’t commit to a firm date to start your project. What that could mean is that the company is willing to delay your paint job if a higher-paying customer comes along at the last minute. Or maybe the company is just really disorganized. Either way, if a business can’t say for sure that it will begin on a particular day, it probably isn’t worth your money.

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