What Your Exterior Painting Color Says About You

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There are some things to keep in mind and take into consideration, in order to make the right choice. For instance, think about neighboring homes and how your paint selection will look mixed in with their colors. Also, keep in mind that you want to try to create a cohesive look among your home and the exterior features like your landscaping or additional structures on your property.

The paint you opt for says a lot about your style and taste, just as ignoring the need for a paint job makes a statement about you that you may not want to convey. Get motivated to get started, and begin thinking about the color choice you want to make.

Tips for Choosing Colors for Exterior Painting in Lawrence

True industry experts will share tips with you like:

  • If you already like the color you have, there is nothing wrong with simply refreshing the same color with new paint. Or, you could opt for a hue that is a slightly lighter or darker shade in the same color spectrum.
  • The architecture and style of your home should also influence your decision making, as well. Make color selections that compliment the style and that help highlight architectural details and aspects of your home. In other words, bring attention to what makes your home unique compared to other homes around it.
  • Take into consideration how all of your color choices will work together. Traditionally, a homeowner selects three colors: one for the base, one for the accents like shutters and one for the trim.
  • If you are considering a bold color choice, test it out on a smaller portion of your home first. It is difficult to make a major decision based on something the size of a standard paint chip.
  • Also keep in mind that choosing a vibrant color for exterior painting in Lawrence doesn’t necessarily mean that your home will get noticed more. It means the color will steal the show.

The Importance of Your Choice in Painting Contractors

A smart move to make is to choose the best house painter in Lawrence, KS to get the job done. Here at Absolute Painting we offer the finest in color consultation services, so you can feel confident about the decision that you are making for your house painting project. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your exterior painting project.

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