Why Antimicrobial Paint for Businesses is Surging in Kansas

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Getting older comes with a host of unavoidable problems. Many people will have a weakened immune system. With the sudden emergence of a deadly virus, elderly people are highly vulnerable. They face elevated risks in their private homes. Likewise, the patrons at businesses are in jeopardy. Hospitals treat COVID-19 patients, so they can be dangerous places to visit. However, there’s good news. Homeowners, business owners and hospital managers can benefit from using antimicrobial paint. If you own an office or any type of health clinic, consider hiring seasoned commercial painters in Lawrence KS. Absolute Painting is on standby to assist you.

Manufacturers throughout North America and Europe have increased their production of antimicrobial paint. The death toll and infection rate for the coronavirus are steadily getting worse. That’s why hospitalizations are rising nationwide, and antimicrobial coatings are becoming more popular.

Why does everyone think that commercial painters can help in this terrible situation? Bacteria and viruses stick to surfaces. Poor indoor air contains pathogens and biological contaminants. Applying a fresh coating that resists microbes is proving to be effective. This information is comforting, considering how new illnesses hit 10% of hospital patients. They end up suffering more after coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

Leaders Committed to Maintaining a Cleaner Environment

The consensus in the medical field is clear: Protecting patients is a priority. Senior living centers and similar facilities are taking extra safety measures. During this pandemic, sterilizing equipment and rooms isn’t enough. Commercial painting experts are being hired to tackle antimicrobial-based paint jobs.

Microbial paints and primers can stop surfaces from collecting bacteria. The additives inside them make this possible. They are specially formulated to provide a protective layer that’s reliable and durable. Also, their ability to adhere to an array of substrates is excellent. After receiving bacteria-blocking paint, walls become safe to touch again. This is the case because the paint also destroys the microorganisms that are on the surfaces.

Paint Shield does an outstanding job when it comes to killing bacteria. One coating will get the job done within two hours. Plus, it’s registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and effortless to use. Consumers have made it known that Paint Shield is a high-quality paint.

Science Supports Antimicrobial-Based Paint

Paint Shield is heavily used at day-care centers, athletic facilities and schools. According to empirical research, it can eliminate staph and other well-known pathogens. This explains why it has been trusted by professionals for years. In general, antimicrobial paints are a practical solution. Don’t confuse them with antibacterial paints. Both types can clear surfaces of harmful elements. However, the antimicrobial option has more capabilities.

Medical authorities can make their facilities less vulnerable to algae, mold and mildew. They also can attend to their patients and visitors with increased peace of mind. An antimicrobial coating works extremely well in various environments. Homeowners can use it when they are giving their bathrooms and kitchens a makeover. Antimicrobial-based paints leave behind a nice-looking film that’s strong enough to remain intact. Rust and moisture won’t affect the film so easily. An additional coating won’t be necessary for at least four years. As long as the surface’s integrity is good, the paints will continue to be great.

Versatile Paint That Serves Useful Purposes

Commercial buildings in just about every field have areas that contain essential components. This fact is leading many business managers to switch to microbial-based paint. All businesses can benefit from receiving a heightened degree of protection.

Locations where this paint alternative can make a significant difference:

1. Food Preparation and Storage Areas

Microbial coatings are a must-have for kitchens and pantries. Nutritious food can be highly dangerous to eat if it’s contaminated. Possible consequences can include a minor health scare or a major allergic reaction. Because of this, people have looked to commercial painting experts for help. Their go-to solution is antimicrobial-based paint. This alone takes the hassle out of maintaining a clean cooking space.

2. Equipment and Supply Rooms

Millions of people have to manage medications. Storing the medicines in a temperature-controlled room is important. What’s more, the room needs to be free of contaminants. Updating your home or your clinic with any type of microbial paint will definitely help.

3. Staff Break Rooms

The members of any organization or business should have a safe and clean resting area. If that area has fresh indoor air and bacteria-free surfaces, the members’ health won’t be compromised. Using microbial-based paint is a good way to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. The walls will also be aesthetically appealing.

4. Other Rooms

Excess moisture is often in the bathroom and laundry room, so these areas should be painted. They most certainly create the ideal conditions for bacteria and mold growth. Fortunately, a plethora of microbes can’t withstand the germ-killing properties of microbial paint. After one application, the bathroom and the laundry room will no longer be suitable for bacteria.

Top Benefits

It’s amazing to know that microbes can’t grow inside a room that has an antimicrobial film. The additives inside the film help eliminate common painting problems. For this reason, the final finish will be impeccable by anyone’s standards. Microbe-fighting paints are affordable and worth investing in. As time-tested products, they have a superb track record of reducing allergens in a room. Also, their manufacturers claim that the additives can extend the life of all paints.

Stay Safe

The current pandemic is really testing our mettle and readiness to make prudent decisions. Since most bacteria can survive on surfaces for several days, it makes perfect sense to use advanced paint. A uniform microbial coating will make facilities safe again. Will this change deliver our most desired results? It may not, but it’s bound to help give rise to a much better outcome. Call Absolute Painting today if you’re interested in this brilliant paint alternative. We specialize in all aspects of commercial painting in Lawrence KS.


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