Why You Should Always Pressure Wash Your House Before Exterior Painting

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Are you ready to put a new coat of paint on your home in Lawrence KS? A fresh look can completely improve the beauty of your house, but renewing your exterior walls starts way before the first drop of paint hits it. You have to have your exterior professionally cleaned first, and our team of experts at Absolute Painting want you to be prepared for the best home renovation experience of your life. Here are a few helpful tips to make the whole process easier.

Why Do I Need to Hire A Pressure Washing Service to Clean My House?

Getting rid of all the dirt buildup on your home is essential when preparing for a new paint job. Dust that you can’t see will ruin even the toughest products. The only way to be 100% sure is by getting it cleaned the right way. If you skip out on this important step, then you’re going to have problems with peeling later on. Pressure washing services can also help your painter point out any problem areas that may need to be repaired before painting. It can speed up the scraping process, too.

Do I Need to Wait for My Home to Completely Dry Before Painting?

You’ll only need to have the pressure washing service done a few days before the exterior painting contractors are scheduled to work. It usually takes a minimum of 3 three days depending on the weather conditions. It can be a lot more beneficial to have pressure washing scheduled during a rainy day. That way cleanup is easier for the pressure washing contractors, and they will finish their job faster. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure everything is dry before the painters start their part of the work. Keep in mind that humid areas may take significantly longer to dry. It can take as long as one full week for some homes to fully dry.

How Do I Know If My Home Is Dry Enough to Paint?

You can tell that most exterior walls are dry just by looking at them, but that’s not the case with porous surfaces. Wood usually takes longer to dry, and areas that are close to the ground might dry slower than the rest of your home. The easiest way to know is by trying this quick test. Grab about one foot of plastic wrap from your kitchen. Place the plastic on the surface that you want to check for moisture. You need to tape around all of the edges to give it a good seal. Wait one day, and then check the plastic for condensation. If you don’t see any water droplets on the inside of the plastic, then it’s dry enough to paint.

What Parts of My Home Should I Pressure Wash Before Painting?

Your main focus should be getting the exterior walls as clean as they can be, but you’ve also got to consider any other problems that might put dirt on your paint. Let’s go over the main places on your home that should be thoroughly cleaned before starting the exterior painting process.


The gutters around your home can have all kinds of nasty gunk trapped in them. Dirty gutters can get clogged, and that puts you at a higher risk of water damage. Leaves and twigs can get knocked out of your gutters on to the wet paint before it dries, but it will also discolor paint over time by promoting the growth of algae. Having your gutters cleaned will keep your paint looking newer for longer.

Soffits and Overhangs

Soffits can get very dirty over the years. That’s mostly due to insects entering through the cracks, but birds can also be a problem near soffits They like to build nests underneath overhangs. Soffits always have a large amount of debris on them because they aren’t usually cleaned. Your pressure washer contractor will have no problem washing them off properly. If you aren’t having your soffits painted, then you should still have them cleaned to prevent any debris getting knocked out while your exterior painting contractors work.

Exterior Walls

If you are pressure washing down from the top of your home, then the next section that needs to be cleaned will be your exterior walls. The best way to clean walls is by spraying horizontally from one corner to the next in a straight line. Be careful when pressure washing siding. You should check to see if there’s any obvious water damage near the bottom of the wall. You might see sunken nails, or you may notice the wall looks swollen. Don’t attempt to pressure wash any area that may be rotten. It could cause even more damage to your home. That’s why it’s important to have a professional pressure washer do the work for you. They’ll know what to look out for, and they’ll know how to safely handle the situation.

Windows and Trim

You might as well have your windows cleaned while you’re at it. If you don’t clean your windows often, then they’re going to have a decent amount of dust on them. The trim might be a little discolored from dust, and that will stand out against fresh paint. Be sure to have your windows washed, and your home will look a lot better when the painting is done. If you’re cleaning them on your own, then you should spray at a distance of at least three feet with a regular nozzle. If you’re using a pressure washer with a red tip, then you should move back to at least six feet away from your windows while cleaning them.

Concrete Surfaces

You should consider getting the foundation cleaned when you’re having your home pressure washed. It’s a good opportunity to get everything done at one time, and it’ll make your property look that much more attractive. A quick spray will typically make concrete look like new, and it can remove most stains from patios.

Always Pressure Wash Before Scraping Any Paint

Pressure-washing does more than clean your home. It can loosen up old paint, and it can help remove chipped paint. That makes your painter’s job easier, but you should make sure that the house is dry before scraping. If the old paint is wet, then scraping becomes difficult. The old paint can become gummy, and it can stick to tools. All of the paint that’s damaged needs to be removed, but that doesn’t mean all of your paint will need to be stripped. Your painter will know what’s best for you, and pressure washing will speed everything up.

Can I Pressure Wash My House on My Own?

You can pressure wash on your own, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You’ll need expensive equipment to do the job properly, and it takes a decent amount of skill to avoid damaging certain parts of your house. Hiring a professional pressure washing contractor is the smartest choice for the average homeowner. There’s so much that could go wrong when you do it yourself. Windows can be tricky to wash and working on a high ladder is risky for someone who isn’t trained. The last thing you want to do is get hurt. Pressure washing an entire property can be done quickly when hiring an expert, but it will take a single person several hours. Let the professionals handle it.

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