Why You Should Paint the Interior of Your KS Home during winter and Fall Seasons

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Most homeowners who think about repainting their home interiors should know that winter or fall is the perfect time to do it. These two seasons are characterized by cold and dark days, which most of them don’t find suitable for renovations involving paintwork. Plenty of homeowners prefer summer because of the warm weather and that there’s less moisture in the air, making the paint more adhesive.

Warmer temperature also means that surfaces will dry much faster. While there may be various advantages to painting your home during summer, the truth is that there are several reasons to consider painting your interiors during fall and winter. This in-depth guide explores a few reasons that will help you reconsider your painting season.

1. Provides for More Flexibility

If you are thinking of undertaking painting renovation during spring or summer, there are high chances you won’t have a flexible work schedule. These are high seasons for most professional painters, and with busy customer schedules, you’ll hardly find a painting contractor that can fully commit to your renovation project.

Winter and fall are slow seasons for painting companies, and since they’ve got much more flexibility, they can work within your schedule. So, whether you want your job complete while you are away or you want to take some time off to be there during the painting process, you are guaranteed that they’ll adhere to whatever fits your requirements.

For homeowners with large areas that need to be done, such slow seasons are the perfect time to have more manpower. This way, your project can be completed earlier than expected.

2. Your Painting Project Will Be Less Pricey

Fall and winter are the two seasons that professional painters are hardly contracted for work. With the low demand to hire a home painter, it means that there are few customers in need of their services during the period. That is why it would be best to take advantage of the low season and get discounted rates on your painting job. Some companies may even treat you with more attention and service since they aren’t in a rush to handle another project.

For repeat clients, such companies may consider sparing extra time to paint any additional room you may have for free.

3. Perfect Season for Paint to Cure Faster

You may want to consider the summertime for your outdoor painting needs, but it shouldn’t be the case when working on your home’s interior. The sweltering summer temperatures will cause havoc to your interior painting job. This is the case for homeowners living in a humid climate. Remember that your interior painting takes long before drying when your house is continuously exposed to too high humidity.

During the cold and wet months, there is less humid. This means that the less moisture in the air will allow your interior painting to dry faster. Unlike in humid conditions, your paint won’t peel off because the paint stick and bonds entirely to your wall. Given that cold, dry air helps paint cures fasters, your interior paintwork will look smooth, and nothing will be smudged up.

Overall, the best painting conditions depend on several house painting and temperature considerations, which you need to familiarize yourself with.

4. Your House Needs Proper Ventilation

If you are painting during the cold season, opening your house’s windows won’t probably be a great idea. But, the paint fumes can be very irritating, and you still need to have a constant supply of clean air all the time. While it may end up costing you more for your heating unit, you cannot compare the inflated costs of heating to the cost you’ll incur hiring a painting contractor during summer.

5. It’s A Perfect Opportunity for Interior Jobs

Unlike other seasons of the year, you don’t have a lot of options on the activities to peruse. If you think of undertaking outdoor activities such as landscaping, you’ll probably need to wait for the warmer months. That said, why would you not use the cold season to work on renovation projects such as interior painting?

During the snowy and cold season, you’ll be spending most of your time indoors, and this is an excellent opportunity to notice any imperfection on your paintwork and rectify them.

6. More Time to Concentrate On Other Remodeling Projects

If you are looking to remodel your home’s interior and exterior, it would be wise if you took into account the timing for your remodeling needs. If you complete your interior remodeling in fall and winter, then you’ll have spared time to concentrate on your deck repairs, gardening, and exterior paintings. Since you will save significantly by doing interior painting in winter, whatever you’ll have saved can be used for your external remodeling tasks.

7. Maximizes Your Home Resale Value

Most homeowners thinking of selling their home would probably wait until spring before putting their home in the market. If you want to make sure that you attract more buyers, and make a quick sale, a fresh coat of paint in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom will make your house stand out to any prospect.

The worst financial blunder you can make is to sell a home with a lack of interior color. By considering interior painting during winter, you get to maximize your time in getting your house prepped and ready for occupancy by any prospect.

8. The Advantage of Early Light

The cold and snowy seasons have a limited amount of sunshine in a day, which may be a turn off for homeowners considering interior painting. It’s important to remember that the sun rises early, especially in winter. So, if you are considering doing any paint job, then it should be done and completed during the early morning hours.

Most of the day will be snowy or cloudy, and by taking advantage of the natural light, you can undertake your interior painting job effectively. It will even be easier to identify any spots you may have missed if you previously worked with indoor light.

9. An Exceptional Holiday Gift

If you are hoping to make a statement to your loved one who hasn’t been home for a while, seeking the services of a painting contractor for your interior painting needs is an excellent idea. This will even be a plus if your loved one has been thinking of revamping one of the rooms. When they finally come home and find a room is revamped with a new set of furniture and a fresh coat of the favorite paint, they’ll feel rewarded.

If you believe that your loved one would love to be more hands-on, you can always contact your painting company and request a free color consultation appointment. This way, you have a plan on how best to execute the paintwork.

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