Why You Should Paint Your Home Before You Sell It

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Naturally, when you’re putting your home on the market, you want it to look its absolute best. That might mean doing some landscaping outside and some redecorating inside. It also means painting, which is something that some homeowners neglect.

Yes, an expert residential painter can work wonders for the look and feel of a house. Your potential buyers will then be able to view every inch of your home in the most flattering light. They’ll also realize that you’ve taken excellent care of this property, which will increase its value.

Here’s a closer look at the profound difference a painting contractor can make.

A Needed Update

After you’ve lived in a house for a while, every detail becomes familiar and comfortable. Unfortunately, that level of comfort makes it easy to overlook certain things that could stand improvement.

Take the color of your home. Does it feel contemporary and stylish? Has it faded? Does it no longer match the colors of other homes on your street?

It’s easy to ignore such questions as you’re busy with daily life. When you’re ready to sell your house, however, it’s time to reevaluate your home’s aesthetics and figure out how to boost its curb appeal. When you hire a home painter, you go a long way toward addressing those concerns.

Get Noticed Online

These days, home buyers usually look at houses on the internet before visiting those places in person. With that in mind, the images you upload of your home are crucial.

One way to make your house sparkle and shine in digital photos is to hire an outstanding residential painter. That new coat of paint should give your property a competitive advantage among other real estate listings in your area. As soon as they glimpse your pictures, many people will pause to admire your home’s beauty.

Go Neutral

Many home buyers crave rooms that are filled with natural light. To make the most of this light, you’ll need neutral interior colors that will reflect it. Thus, if your rooms are painted in darker shades, it makes sense to make the change before you sell.

What’s more, neutral colors simply appeal to more people. They’re calming, and they accommodate a wider variety of decorating styles. Not to mention, these hues can even make rooms appear to be larger than they actually are.

Keep the Price High

When potential buyers tour your home, they’re going to judge how well it’s been maintained. If it seems like it hasn’t been kept up well, many people will decline to bid. Why is that the case? Well, when it’s clear that surface-level issues haven’t been addressed, many people assume that more serious problems are lurking unseen: bad plumbing, damage to the roof, and so forth. Obviously, such issues could be very expensive for them to fix.

On the other hand, if they don’t see anything wrong, many people will venture to guess that the entire property is in excellent shape. Therefore, paint that isn’t cracked, flaking, chipped, or fading can suggest — perhaps on a subconscious level — that a home is well worth purchasing.

Indeed, because new paint is so inviting, it makes a home seem like it’s all ready for move-in day. This paint will instantly get rid of all kinds of scuff marks, dents, and embedded dirt particles that might be nearly impossible to remove otherwise. It can make a whole room smell better as well.

All in all, when you hire a home painter, you can add up to $6,000 to your property value. Considering that painting represents one of the most affordable home improvement projects, it definitely offers a robust return on investment.

Absolute Painting for Homes in Lenexa KS and Lawrence KS

As you prepare to sell your house, say goodbye to your neighbors, and plan your move, you may experience stress and anxiety. You shouldn’t have to worry, along with everything else, about your home painters, your painting contractor, or the work they do. That’s why so many Kansas homeowners are happy to entrust Absolute Painting with this critical assignment.

Absolute painters are renowned for their professionalism, attention to detail, reliability, punctuality, and competitive pricing. These pros have a great deal of experience, and they’re extremely knowledgeable about their field. Even more important, they treat all customers with courtesy and respect.

On top of that, Absolute painters customize their work according to clients’ needs and wishes. And they always guarantee their results. In short, they’ll help make your home as alluring and attractive to potential buyers as it could possibly be. They can make your house look brand new.

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